Saturday, 8 September 2018

Wednesday - A Challenging Day

For a Wednesday in C&W it was a quiet that is in terms of numbers attending. The sound level on the other hand was larger than usual.

Ken has been labouring away for some time endeavouring to recover the various parts of this corridor connection. The face plate is damaged but the rest is still usable if we can separate it all.

So today it was last resort time and John Hamer borrowed the large air hammer from the loco department. This is much louder than anything we normally use!

There was also the issue of removing the remains of the pegs from the end of the arms. These had been gas axed off leaving the section embedded in the end of the arm. So Ken has had to drill the remain out.

The rubber section has been passed to the upholstery team for renovation. Looking at it we may just buy a new one having located a firm willing to make some for us at a reasonable price.

The flow of seat backs is still going but storage space is becoming desperate with 2 sets of seats waiting to be fitted.

Tony was busy painting the boxes for th signal box microwaves today.

Geoff completed the both door liners for door 5 of 4986 today so we can look at capping strips for this door now.

No guesses as to what Des was doing this morning.

We had set Nick a bit of a challenge. we needed to get all the welding un 21092 completed today if possible to allow for a shunt Thursday. It was a bit of a big ask but with the prep work already done by others and with assistance from Bryan today the job was done. Fantastic.

John Hamer was preparing a heater that will be fitted in the disabled access area of 21092. The seals being made and fitted before we try and fit the unit.

Derek was servicing another lock today. All the locks get serviced when a carriage come into the works these days!

Not so much a chip of the old block or off cuts. This little trolley load are spacers to put between the planking we were recently given. At the moment it just stacked but realty we need to put these spacers in between each plank for the best storage of the planking. Not only did Dave Ward cut all these for us but also produced a lot of filler sections for the ali doors.

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