Sunday, 16 September 2018

Tuesday - A very varied day

Back to a good number again for a Tuesday, even with some away on holiday and other activities.

Just Cheryl working on the DMU today, but the final bit of filling, sanding, and then painting was done on the recently fitted doorframe capping strip. Just a bit of touching up on the lining out in this area and exterior top coating on the body sides and front end will have been completed.

Also now nearing completion is the seemingly endless bodywork preparation on the Malvern side of TSO 4986.  However Bob, Adrian and Maurice did a brilliant job, including removing all the scabby paint on the gutter side. Just a bit more filling on the north end, mainly round the window frames, and greying up can begin. The south end won't be far behind.

Also started today by John Hamer, and later joined by Tony, was the reinstating of the removed window sliders. This is a tricky job. Only one of the sets replaced worked well when tested, probably because we have had to repair the upper tracks on some of them.

Dave Hancox did some more taping up of the holes in the bodyside of the Irish boiler coach. Unfortunately some light rain prevented any further painting.

However he did have some stick-on numbers available to restore its identity.

We also did some more on the Cotswold side of BCK 21092, with Keith (shown), John Hughes and myself working on the window frames.

There is good progress on the old GWR platform trolley with some of the new wooden parts for the handle and its connection to the body being displayed by Derek.

An original piece laid on top of the new, showing the holes that will need to be drilled.

Where the metal plates produced by Derek (in a previous report) will be fitted. More holes will need drilling here too.

In the office Dave Evans and Ainsley are getting our PAT testing records up to date. Both are trained-up members of the Railway's team for this important work.

Another birthday (Dave's own) to celebrate so it's cake time again.

Report by Dave Clark

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