Friday, 28 September 2018

Tuesday - Celebration

Quite a day for C&W with the completion (almost) of another project and a considerable enhancement to our Works.

However before the main story of the day, there was another highlight with the canvas going on the completed china clay wagon. Initially it was all the fun and games of getting the canvas up onto the frame. These canvases are not only heavy, at times they have a life of their own especially when you try to unfold them!

No doubt wishing Barbara Windsor was around in this "Carry on Camping" scene, the main part of the canvas is at last in place.

Maurice carefully drills holes in the plywood end sections. (a bit of a cheat on our part to keep the canvass from sagging).

With the end pieces in place, the canvas is complete and the wagon really does look good. Well done Richard, Paul, Maurice, Stu, Alex, and everyone else who had a hand in the rebuild.

Dennis earlier fitted the new main step for the Fruit C van. Two more are required to complete the van, but in a cosmetic sense only so there is no rush to get these done.

Derek was busy working on the hard wood swivel disks for the handle of the GWR platform trolley.

Back to the DMU, with initially Cheryl, and later Dennis, cleaning up more of the aluminium strips ready for reinstating.


Ainsley was back inside fitting more of these. He later started top coating the south compartment ceiling (another apology for some wrong info in a previous report when I thought this had been completed).

Some more preparation work was done on the Cotswold side of BCK 21092 by Alan (and later by Maurice and myself). Meanwhile Dave Hancox and I exchanged two of the bench seats from 21092 with two from SK 24006, which are in better condition - it is unlikely that we will have time to reupholster all the seating in this coach.

John Hawkins, another member of C&W enjoying the sunshine in his other role as signalman.

The main highlight of the day was the structural completion of our Barn extension. All that remains is the fitting of the extra internal lighting and electrical extensions for the roller shutters. The sheer benefit of this extra length to the Barn and the protection from dust, rain and cold will be greatly appreciated by us all. Many thanks are due to Peter Bennett for both organising and seeing through this very well worthwhile project.

Report by Dave Clark

Before you ask!

If you happen to arrive at Winchcombe by train you get this view of the new end to the barn at C&W.

The end of building does look a bit Heath Robinson.

Here is why from this angle you can't see the cut back on the left hand corner. (look at the picture above from the other angle and you can see it).

The cutback is so that the roadway does not get any more restricted than it already is. As can be seen the picture above the roof line does actually follow the original line for the barn roof which in turns matches the original goods shed roof.

So the sign is still under the centre apex of the roof.

Yes the roller shutters doors are different sizes and offset from the centre. The track, which was laid long before the barn was constructed, is actually on a curve and not central to the end of the barn. The doors are the maximum width possible to give us better access. We could have spent A LOT MORE MONEY and tried to square it up. P'Way would have to have spent quite a bit of time changing the track layout for us first as well.



St Blazey 1925 said...

The extension to the barn looks fine to me. Offset buildings look so much better than symmetrical because they do the job that they are supposed to do without any fancy resiting of facilities that are already extant. Just look at ant post Victorian industrial buildings and my point is born out.
Well done to all. Commercial and volunteers.
Regards, Paul.

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

Thanks Paul. Coming down your soon about the 9th!

Simon said...

Looks good to me and is similar to Ropley shed on the Mid Hants Railway. Well done and at least it will keep out the cold and wet weather!