Saturday, 8 September 2018

Thursday - Workshops combined

An interesting day to say the least with a major shunt, not only to rearrange our vehicles for the next stages in their refurbishment, but prepare for the extension work to the Barn. The Paintshop and old Workshop have been temporarily combined to enable this to happen.

The shunt begins with Ian taking the opportunity to undergo more driver training. The BCK, currently in the jack road, will end up in the Paintshop.

 With the BCK out of the way, the BSK was brought out and put on the jack road.


There's never a dull moment with Phil around!

As always when the Works has been emptied, out come the brushes, spades and waste bins. Initially just Martin and Phil Jones in the Paintshop, but soon the Workshop was a hive of activity.


With the shunt completed, Malcolm steadily makes his way up the Malvern side of the linked rake. This will remain as such until the extension work has been completed. The order of the three vehicles from the Paintshop end is now BCK 21092, DMU 51405 and TSO 4986.

Viewed from the Cotswold side we are going to be a bit cluttered for a while, but the benefits of the new Barn extension complete with roller shutters will vastly outweigh any temporary inconvenience.

Moving into the Barn, with the china clay wagon and Fruit C van in place for completion, while on the jack road a different view of BCK 21092 showing the original carmine-and-cream livery..

With the shunt completed John raises the BSK on the jacks. The new window frames for the Malvern side have been placed ready for installing.

A little earlier in the day Gerry is busy reaming out the holes in one of the two window frames.

In the Paintshop work resumes on the BCK. Earlier this year this side was subjected to a mass removal of the paintwork as sadly it was badly fissured - we don't know why this had happened, but it has enabled us to have a fresh start. Richard Hoy and Phil Jones begin sanding off the old paintwork on the window frames, while Martin inspects the green primed bodyside.

Inside the BCK Phil Salter fits new light bulbs where these are missing.

I didn't get as many photos as I wanted with so much going on, but the Indoor Gang were busy as usual. Roger primes another cleaned up window frame in 51405. The inside of the DMU has been considerably improved with all the repaired and repainted window frames.

The electrics section of our Maintenance Gang, Richards Bates and Budd, did some excellent repair work in the 3rd Rake (which is now back with us at Winchcombe). Richard Bates is changing fuses on BG 81039 (the rake's current brake coach) following the fitting of more LED lighting.

A useful fill-in job being done by Dave Hancox is improving the awful appearance of the Irish Boiler Van. It's just a cosmetic job, but the overall appearance will be considerably improved and the vehicle will look much nicer for our travelling public.

Report by Dave Clark


Unknown said...

The Irish boiler coach. Surely that is a different gauge ?

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

It was originally a BR carriage and changed gauge on transfer to Ireland. On return to the UK it was changed back. well almost. The change is in 2 parts the bogies for the wheel set is a simple change but the buffers also have to be changed as well. I gather since its return the buffers haven't been changed back. that's something that will have to be done before the carriage can go into operation. Its not really a problem when moving it round the yard.