Monday, 3 September 2018

Thursday - Variety

The tea breaks saw another very crowded mess room again with about 23 names signed in. Lunch time was quieter with many choosing to be outside on yet another fine late summer day.

Enjoying the fine weather was Ian while working on the brake hanger for one of the two refurbished Commonwealth bogies due to go under TSO 4986.

New pipes were literally delivered that morning - very timely to say the least! John measures a length prior to using the power saw.

As new heating pipework it was soon being installed under BCK 21092.


Ken Austen carefully cleans up another window corner section prior to welding this in on the Malvern side of BSK 34929

Dave Hancox priming one of the sanded down battery boxes from BCK 21092.

Yes, it's Malcolm doing the roof once again, but of course no longer on it. The Cotswold side of TSO 4986 receives its first top coat of Flint Grey.

Alan Baugh and, at the far end, Bob Slater were on the Malvern side of the coach. Still a fair amount of filling and sanding to sort out, most of it on the window frames where these were removed.

While Paul was sanding down more of the beading strips for 4986,

Bob Keyte was busy giving a second coat of varnish to the large number already done. In the background are new primed steps for DMU 51405

With the new ceiling panels for 4986's south vestibule recently primed, Richard Hoy now adds white undercoat.

Back to Bob K. again straining the top coat for the final three of the seat side panels for 4986.

Back down to the north end of the Paintshop where Phil Salter is reinstating the electric lighting in the Fruit C van.

Just a few yards away Phil Jones continues the cleaning and repainting in the cab of the DMU.

In the north compartment the Indoor Gang were back on the windows. Tony adds primer to a completed one on the Malvern side.


Alan was fitting the final section of framing in the next one on the same side.


While on the opposite side Pat was installing the sections of underframe.

Also on the construction side was Bryan, fitting the final section of missing capping strip on the Cotswold side south end. Once the filler has been rubbed down, this panel can be given its first top coat.

Cheryl and Jeff (not photographed) were cleaning the door handles and stops.

Richard was cleaning the back panelling on the doors. This made quite a difference with the panels slightly gleaming from the polish. They will be given a final rubdown at the end of the refurbishment to remove any polish bloom.

No, he hasn't disappeared yet. Last, but definitely not least, Alex brightens up the connection panelling with some fresh paint.

Report by Dave Clark


Unknown said...

Great and informative blog

Anonymous said...

where did you source new capping strip for the DMU from??

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

Its not new. We removed and re-used. It is only a fairly light angle strip so something very similar is probably available from a main supplier.