Sunday, 16 September 2018

Thursday - filling in the holes!

One day you make a hole the next someone comes along and fills it back in again. We did give Steve did have the pleasure of organising this!

We also had the main contractors along to position the securing bolts for the columns this will now have the week-end to set before the construction starts next week. The frame and securing bolts for the centre column can be seen centre picture waiting to go in.

Having done a test fit on the Malvern side windows yesterday today we fitted the Cotswold side windows in the BSK 24929. Here Ian and Ken are on the next stage of the process - putting the sealing mastic strip round the frame.

Phil did some sorting out and rewiring of the batteries for 4986. Refitting the battery box door as usual proved to be one of the more troublesome parts of the process. The cover all fits nicely until someone put 4 or 5 coats of thick paint on it!

Not many pictures of today activity as I was focused on the hole filling!

However, other things going on around included Paul and Tony dealing with minor repairs and cleaning of the third set ready for Thomas at the week-end. Some more snagging of paintwork on the DMU. This is now complete we but we still have work to do inside. There was some more work on the window opening of the BSK. The test fit was good but we identified the need for a couple of extra corner sections to be cut ready for welding.

A sight we have waited for a long time. The first steps to the removal of some old carriages that do not belong to the railway. They will be a very long project to restore and its not a project we could undertake in the time or space we have available. The railway desperately needs this space for other projects of our own.


Dave Scott said...

Must have missed something. What are the "holes" for ??

Anonymous said...

Extending the barn and fitting roller shutters on the end to weatherproof it. This will provide more space for working all year round