Friday, 28 September 2018

Saturday - all sewn up

There are many jobs in C&W that are easiest done in an unusual position.!

Today was Penny's turn.

This has to be the most luxuriously upholstered one person bobsleigh ever and sitting at the gate ready to launch as well
is the biggest saddle ever on a bucking bronco waiting for the release?

well No.

With some many carriage seats being processed at preent the first class seat from 21092 had to stay on the trolley in the landing and to repair the stitching on the side of the arm rest required a little careful positioning to get at it easily.

Dave, Penny's husband, did what most of us would do kept his down and stayed well out of the way.

Jenny and Penny preparing to stretch some new foam over this seat base..

The inner end of the barn has always been dark, its just since the roller shutters went up, so a flod light helps drilling out the old studs on this corridor connection.

We recently received delivery of this wagon brake shaft from the Great Central. Having not been used for a large number of years our first jib was to clean it up and de-rsut and get everything moving again that should move. While it took some effort it proved to be fully serviceable by lunch time. We will need to do some adjustments and repairs but it will definatly be in use before to long.

While the work was continuing on 21092, lots of sanding and filling going on,

we did find that the base of the pillar between passenger and guards doors on the Cotswold side were not satisfactorily secure. Call in James and the welding gun.

The base of the pillar steel work 3 sections of top hat, were cut out and new steel was welded back in place. After a check round we decided that a similar repair should be done to the BSK in the barm. That's a job for next week

 While the exterior of the DMU is looking complete the interior still has a way to go. Ainsley working of the panelling round a door.

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