Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Saturday - The next phase

Following on from Thursday's shunting, the second phase was successfully achieved.

One of the early jobs of the day was to reorganise the existing store of wood planking already put in the china clay wagon using the wood spacers prepared by the woodwork team. This was followed by the loading of the remaining planks, bar some which were required by our Construction and Maintenance department.

The next job was to shunt both this and the Fruit C van towards the Barn and pick up BSK 34929 from the jack road so as to place the latter in the Barn through road.


A little more juggling to set up the Santa carriage and place it out of the way.


Then the wagons in Platform 1 Bay were pulled out and placed in a back siding.

To be replaced by the Santa Carriage and the Fruit C now looking splendid after its refurbishment.

All that remained was to separate the two vehicles used by the Friends of Winchcombe Station (FOWS) so that they could be transferred over to the Platform 2 Bay line later in the week

On the way back from the 3rd Rake, where the Upholstery Team were busy putting in more refurbished seating in TSO 4763, was Jenny with umbrella and old arm rests.

The team are doing a excellent job, completely transforming the shabby inside of 4763 into something looking very nice.

With the 3rd Rake now back at Winchcombe it was back to a good vacuum throughout with Paul in the process of doing SK 25341.

- With the china clay wagon in the Barn, it was time to do the full fitting of the canvas cover. Richard Stone prepares the pelmet strips that will hold the canvas in the correct position and shape.

The pelmets now in place.

The specially cut plyboard for the end section.

Moving briefly back outside to find Dave Hancox completing the quick repaint of the lower half of the Irish Boiler Coach. That's a lot better to look at!


Ken working on one of the window frames destined for the new passenger area of BSK 34929.

On the Cotswold side of the coach Andy prepares to weld a missing piece to the base of the coach.

Another interesting job for John Osborn was making the oval bottom sections that will fit onto the vacuum cylinder valves.


John Squires then uses the milling machine to cut the required holes

George was back on filling and sanding on the Malvern side of TSO 4986.

Martin was completing the lining out on DMU 51405. Just a bit of tidying up here and there, and the top coating of the DMU is completed - yahoo!

In loco terms we have what you would classify as an 0-2-2-0. In fact he is Berty, the lovely shire horse owned by Chris Bagley, who is the owner of our 03 shunter. In the past horses were very much in use for shunting in railway yards. 

Report by Dave Clark



Toddingtonted said...

An excellent update as usual and it also illustrates the amount of work to keep a railway of the length and popularity which the GWSR now is, equipped with good passenger stock. The china clay wagon is now a real gem and should win an award in my view! It's also amazing what even half a coat of paint can do to that gopping-looking boiler coach. Perhaps all-over maroon in due course? The horse looks good too!

Alex said...

I wonder if Berty would fancy a ride in the GWR horsebox? :)

Good to see the china clay wagon finally having its canvas fitted properly.
There is a HRA wagon award, given biannually...