Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Saturday - catch up

Thomas and friends were visiting for the last time this week-end.

However, the work goes on. Andy de-rusting a locking strip from a corridor connector.

while Ken continued the long job of replacing the mount studs the strip goes onto.


#Such is the job that later in the day he got some help from John Squires and Andy.

The rubber section was under repair in the upholstery shop. It is this that is locked in place.


James was completing the welding round the windows on the Malvern side of the BSK today.

while on 4986 in the workshop Ainsley and John Hamer had a discussion while re-fitting the window sliders.

We found we were 1 pair of sliders short. We not sure what happened to the but we found another pair that were soon being painted by Dave.

The last running board from thr |Fri=uit C van has made it as far as undercoat.

With 21092 now in the paintshop some serious attention is being turned to the seating. To that end some seats were retrieved from the storage van and brought into the workshop.

A few weeks ago in a chat room some suggested that the carpet in a carriage was  fitted by a subsequent owner not by BR. Well this is I think the same carpet type fitted in 21092.

While on seats another one reached the rust protect stage today. 2 more to go!


kas said...

I can remember this multi-striped carpet which personally I dislike.
Keep up the excellent, professional work you do on the fleet.

Anonymous said...

I remember that colour of carpet in carriages at the Mid Hants long ago. Believe 21092 was there in the past!

Dan Gutzewski said...

According to VCT Website 1976 to 1989. Was used lately as staff support coach and generator vehicle for the Watercress Belle Dining Train.There May be evidence of the generator with holes in the brake end floor. Two compartments were altered to make a small staff saloon.