Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Saturaday - Making Connections

A day with a bit of a difference in that most of the activity related to connection things up.

Starting with the more straight forward hoses on the 'Fruit C' van being fitted by Richard Stone.

then there was the repaired battery box being re connected to the carriage which immediately led to Phil doing all thee electrical connections to the box.

Something that doesn't happen often but we did twice in the day! The south end corridor connection was rehung on 34929.

followed by first the connection arms on the south end of 4986. James underneath with the job of putting the locking peg in place while Andy Turner and Ken pushed and twisted the arm into position.

This was followed by putting the connection itself back onto the carriage. All of which freed up one of the gibbets to allow repositioning of the north end connection of 4986 to laid down for restorative work to be undertaken.

Underneath the carriage Andy Thompson installed the DA Value onto the feed pipe just a hose still to go on.

Clive having helped with the battery box earlier moved on to assist Dave with various components on the paint benches.


Michael having a day away from TTI duties was back to drilling holes on the seat ends to connect up the seat slats and to bolt the seats down to the platform!


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St Blazey 1925 said...

The FRUIT C and all the other work looks great. It's a pity that the van will have to spend its time out in the open after the wonderful paint job.
Regards, Paul.