Monday, 24 September 2018

A major distraction

This week has seen a major distraction at least for me which has caused the blog posts to get even more delayed than usual.

Monday - A start

Yes Monday! However, it was only for me and the contractors who started work on the construction of the extension framework. First there was the removal of the original end. this will be reused on the extension.

thn is was the construction of thr new end framework

Tuesday - Excellent progress

Quite a large group and some excellent progress on the current long running projects.

The extra faces appearing today were some of the Door and Woodwork team having refresher training and hence recertification in the use of the various bits of equipment in the Woodwork Shop.

There was excellent progress on TSO 4986 today. Ainsley completed the greying up on the Malvern side north end.

Bob Slater finished off the filling and sanding on the south end and then he too started greying that up. Ainsley then took that over and by the end of the day just one window remained to be painted. Almost done at last!


Bob Mac was back in and did more second top coating of the roof, leaving just the Cotswold side to complete that job.

John Hamer had moved over to the Malvern side of the coach with the slider reinstating and that too was proceeding well. The final set was top coated in the Paintshop ready for putting back the next day.

Another goal achieved by Stu and Maurice was the completion as far as could be done of the ceiling top coating in DMU 51405. Just three new ceiling panels need to be made and put up. We can then get the job finished and the aluminium beading and luggage racks can be put back.

Richard Hoy began working on the final doorframe, adding filler as necessary to fill the gaps.

John Hughes and Phil Brown (nice to see him back) were doing more sanding and filling on BCK 21092.


On the Malvern side, Dave Hancox (who owns the coach), and later on Richard, sanded any bad sections. The greying up on this side was a cosmetic tidy-up when the coach was outside, so we need to check that any bad areas are uncovered and properly treated.

The Barn extension is gradually taking shape with the new framework now in place. The cladding arrived during the day.

Finally, it's nice to see the lamp brackets made by Pam Brown, and fitted to the coners of the Tim Mitchell Building, now complete with the lamps fitted.

I wasn't in on Wednesday this week as the strong winds in the area precluded any attempts to install the roof but I was back Thursday (it was only raining).

A quieter day for a Thursday with a number of our regulars on holiday or doing different things.

The DMU is moving on to the next stage. With the ceiling now top coated as far as currently possible we can think about reinstating all the related fittings. Roger begins the lengthy clean up of what is a very large pile of aluminium strips and beading. After a reasonable number had been done these started to go back up. Rawlplugs were once again needed when screwing the thin beading to the old hardboard ceiling panels.

I was mistaken when I reported that all the internal window framing that could currently be done had been top coated on Tuesday. It turned out to be undercoating, so Cheryl did the honours and got most of this top coated.


Pat and Tony fitted more of the wood backing on another of the un-rebuilt windows. A number of windows remain incomplete and cannot be progressed further until the internal panelling is replaced.


Moving up to the BCK for more general sanding and filling where required on both sides.


Now who's legs are those?

It's actually Rex, who with Bryan, is replacing the wood floor support bars for the corridor floor boards. the wood is bolted to the steel top hat framework.

On Tuesday Dave Hancox found that the base of the centre section between the passenger and guards doors on the Cotswold side of the coach was not firmly attached. Cutting away the metal panelling soon revealed why this was so. Not only have the z sections corroded, the connection to the top hat cross section under the floor was also gone.

Moving into the Workshop for more good progress on TSO 4986. On the Cotswold side Malcolm completed the roof top coating before I could photograph him. However I did capture Jeff who completed the greying up on the Malvern side by doing the final window and nearby door.

John Hamer was back on the slider reinstating.

Later on cleaning one of the slider tracks. The job is almost complete and once done we can begin getting more things put back inside the passenger compartments.

Ken checking the fitting of a step prior to working on the one in the vice. The latter is now in the Paintsop for repainting prior to going back on one of the ends of the coach.


Me cleaning up the raw edges of the panelling round the Cotswold side centre door ready for fitting the capping strips.

More re-covered seating being taken down the yard to TSO 4763.

On the construction front The safety rails and netting went up along with most of the roof cladding.

Friday and back to just me and the contractors.

the wall cladding went on today

followed by the roller shutters themselves.

There is still some cladding capping work to do along with the electrics and the guttering. That's for next week!


St Blazey 1925 said...

Wonderful progress both inside and outdoors on the extension!
Well done all!
Regards, Paul.

Alistair Kewish said...

I read the progress reports on a regular basis but I doubt that the passengers on the Railway have the faintest idea what goes on in the background to get a coach back into full, working order.
There are so many components involved and each one needs fettling. Just a huge thank you from an armchair enthusiast.

Well done, people!

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