Thursday, 9 August 2018

Wednesday - Pillar to post

Due to the extra restoration required on the DMU 51405 we are now in the unusual position of having 4 carriages all in much the same state of restoration. We are trying to move the DMU on first thus the painting has been heavily progressed despite not having finished the rebuilding.  Colin was working oin fitting the last of the new door pillars required. This is the final section of the rebuildto do.

On 4986 following the door being lifted back into position Craig secured the hinge pins. WE actually followed up by doing a second door that was also ready to go back on the carriage.

Then it was onto another of the doors this one was missing the lower hinge and had the remains of old bolts that needed to be removed.

There was also the usual amount of grim to be cleaned away and the door lock to be removed for overhaul.

One step further on Paul was refitting a lock to one of the doors for the BSK 34929

There was a recent comment about how comfortable the seats are considering their age! We aren't saying anything but here the upholstery team fit some new foam padding to a seat under restoration. You can tell the difference the new ones don't squeck.


Russ was busy cleaning up some of the panelling for the DMU.

Rod was busy painting another section of top coat on the Malvern side of the DMU. Its not always easy to tell what has had a second coat and what hasn't. so there are notes stuck all the place indicating progress.

Back in 4986 Des was doing more sanding in the south end vestibule.

while Derek was fitting another door but this one to the microwave concealment cupboard for a signal box


St Blazey 1925 said...

The DMU will look SO much better with its green power car back with it; so well done there.
4986 is coming along apace as is the BSK.
Well done ALL.
Regards, Paul.

D1013 said...

Travelled on the DMU on Saturday, Rail & Ale, and I think your restorative talents are needed on the centre coach by the way the water was pouring in around door 10, not through the window, but the top of the door, and the ceiling is cracking suggesting the water may be on the roof space, restoring and maintaining the stock truly is akin to the Forth Bridge!