Friday, 31 August 2018

Tuesday -Tidying up

Lots of tidying up and finishing off today, including a job that we should have done a couple of years ago.

Beginning with the Fruit C van, Richard Stone and Stu began by reinstating the metal bar above one of the Malvern side doorways. The locking bar of course slots in behind this.

Later on some more replacement planking was being fitted to the one of the Malvern side doors. Stu carefully guides the plank as Richard gently taps it down - it's a tight fit but the plank neatly slots in behind the hinges. This method has been done wherever needed and has been a real timesaver in that we didn't have to take apart and then reassemble the whole doors.

You know the end of the refurbishment is near when the buffer beams, sole bar and steps are being painted.

A number of tidying up jobs were done by Alex on the DMU, and included touching up the various bits of paintwork on door edges and frames.

A job which Alex loves doing is sprucing up any lettering, this time in the cab, and what a neat job he has made of it.


With the first coat keyed, Cheryl adds the second top coat to the south end corner section and door on the Cotswold side of the DMU. This just leaves the panel on the right onto which is still to be fitted the final capping strip.

Ainsley top coated almost all of the south end of the DMU.

Adrian and Maurice completed the ceiling undercoating. There are some bits of ceiling requiring new panels but this shouldn't prevent us now proceeding with top coating.

John Hughes replaced many of the missing rubber threshold inserts.

Moving on to progress with TSO 4986, Richard Hoy is priming the new ceiling panels made by Steve Barnfield for the south vestibule.

Alan Richards, our newest recruit, is painting red oxide on the metal beading strips for one of the corridor connections.

In the Workshop the Malvern side receives more attention with the filling and sanding from Maurice and in the distance Adrian.

At the south end Dennis is ensuring all the sanded-down filler really is flat. It's surprising how easy it is to find odd ridges left in what appears to be well-sanded areas.

Finally, doing what we should have done when the "buggy" was initially refurbished. While Alan wipes the body sides with thinners, Alex begins the varnishing. A good coating soons brought back the gleam. 

Report by Dave Clark

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