Friday, 24 August 2018

Tuesday - Seriously getting there

Tuesday             Seriously getting there

Just 11 signing in today with as expected the main focus being on the DMU and Fruit C van, both of which are making great progress. Some extra filling and patch painting was done on the Cotswold side of TSO 4986 towards the end of the day, while Dave Hancox was back in working on his coach.

The cab of 51405 received attention with Alex painting the instrument deck in matt black, and then some of the handles in silver. Still a bit to do in here at floor level but in the main the cab looks a lot better than when the vehicle entered the Works.

The backs of the doors on the Malvern side are a mix of untouched, undercoated, or completed with top coat. Cheryl tackles one of the former, gently sanding down chips in the old paintwork.

On the first one prepared by Cheryl, Maurice now adds cream undercoat.

Another important job being done by Keith is cleaning up the metal panels at the base of the doors as well as removing any paint drops from the blue laminate. A number of the panel screws needed either replacing or tightening up.

With all the work going on inside 51405 over the past weeks, quite an amount of bits and general detritus littered the compartment floors, especially under the seats. Maurice did a great job in going into every doorway and vacuuming up as much up as possible, a great improvement for those who will be back in there on Thursday.

On the Cotswold side, while Alex was adding some missing top coat in the doorways, in the background Ainsley was sanding a few final bits of filler on the remaining area to be painted..

With that completed Ainsley undercoated the new panel, end door and corner panel. This area will be the final bit to top coat and line out on the body sides, leaving just the south end to work on.

Alex puts back the grab handle on the new panel area on the Malvern side.

Alex again, this time giving another coat of varnish to all the beading for TSO 4986 currently sitting on the paint trestles.

In the Barn Dave Hancox is busy fitting the internal wood framing to the toilet window in BCK 21092. It won't be too much longer before this coach is in the Paintshop and the bodyside preparation resumes in earnest.

Back to the Paintshop with Richard and Stu sorting out the fitting above one of the Fruit C van doorways.

Then up onto the tower with one of the metal roof ends for trial fitting prior to trimming the excess roof canvas.

Later at the other end, having trimmed the canvas, Stu is busy with the electric stapler.

With the roof canvas now fully secured Maurice adds a coating of grey Flexacryl.

On the Cotswold side Dennis has repaired some of the remaining woodwork with fibre filler. This was later top coated in GW Brown.

While we were busy inside, the Railway was very busy outside with yet another "Teddy Bear Tuesday" bringing in a large number of visitors. Lots of waving and smiling faces with everyone having a great time on the trains.

Report by Dave Clark

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