Friday, 3 August 2018

Thursdsay - A sort of Victory

Over the last few weeks we have been struggling with a couple of the doors on the DMU. Like all doors the tolerances on door locks are small. If Thomas thought he had troublesome trucks he hasn't had to deal with doors! Bryan today finally had that sense of victory with both the troublesome doors final shutting correctly with all the tolerance within limits. He did have to raid the 'stores' and extract a lock from a stored DMU door to replace one with a badly worn ram. Working in the storage vehicles in the current heat wave is akin to getting on the footplate with no chance of a cooling breeze.

We still have to finally fit the second lock there are some worn screw holes to also deal with but we arte now close.

Richard Hoy was completing a second top coat on the front end and much of one side of the carriage.

We ran out of paint buckets today so Dave had to peel the layers of dried paint from a used one. Once done there was a pristine bucket ready to use.

Bob was delighted and promptly filled it with paint again. He is working his way throught the whole set of seat end for 4986 That about 24 of them!

Dave ventured out to the third rakee in the yard for some running repairs. This is the advantage of having the rake stabled at Winchcombe we can get some of the larger maintenance jobs done that aren't possible when the rake is remote from the works.

Finding a little shade Richard Budd was carrying out some checks of the dynamo and charging systems on the third rake.

this carriage also needed a new dynamo belt. So Richard Bates joined him in the shade.

With 21092 raised on the jacks and the bogies rolled out for Nick to continue the under body welding repairs. John Hamer and Ian started on the overhaul of the bogies.

Well this shot says it all the brake beam is SUPPOSED to be straight! A spare was extracted from our store and put back on. This way was put instore until we have some time to straighten it.

Derek was working on another of those external to C&W jobs today. This a cabinet to conceal the signal box micro wave which can't be allowed to be seen in the box. Well its not authentic is it. However, very necessary if you want any signalmen I guess.

The interior team have been working very hard on the replacement or repair of the interior window frames in the DMU. Alan and Pat build up another one here.

While Tony is working on another. Roger had been working with them but was on a split shift acting as a meet and greeter in the afternoon.

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Anonymous said...

Put a plastic liner inside the paint bucket and tape it just below the outside of rim. Fill with paint. You can then pull the liner out afterwards, slit the bottom with a Stanley Knofe over the original paint tin and squeeze the leftover paint back into the tin! Easy Peasy!