Monday, 20 August 2018

Thursday - Hard work rewarded

A very good day all round with a good number in. Apologies to those I didn't get around to photographing..

Starting with DMU 51405, Bryan was back to his work place of the past few weeks. Initially sorting out the misshapen bolt head on the grab handle, he later added filler to the recently reinstated capping strip.

Jeff took over the top coating of the door backs. The "Executive Light Grey" goes well with the existing blue-and-grey period interior, a lot better than the cream we used on another of the DMU refurbishments.

Alex spent a while on the lining-out repairs and tidying up. Occasionally the tape pulls off some of the new paint, annoying but easily recoverable.

The Indoor Gang were once again doing a great job with the internal window frames. As previously reported, quite a number of the frames were in a very poor state. Alan test fits a new corner section.

On the opposite side Pat very carefully trims some sealant on one of the refitted frames.

Roger was priming another cleaned up frame. There's still a lot to do inside 51405 but the end result will make all the effort well worth while.

Oh dear! At the moment Jeff seems to be anything but well healed. Thankfully some spray-on contact adhesive came to the rescue.

By heck Bob really does look different with that beard! Being a professional painter, he nearly always strains the paint, especially when nearing the end of a tin. Now where does he get those tights?!


Now back on the seat side panels for TSO 4986, he is making a lovely job of those.

More beading for 4986 being sanded by Paul. These also ended up on the Paintshop trestles where Bob varnished them.

Phil was working on the toilet tank valves.


Into the Barn where Ken was back on the new Malvern side framework on BSK 34929.

Great things are certainly happening with BCK 21092. With the repairs to the floor top hat cross spars now moved to the Malvern (i.e. compartment) side, the method devised to sort this out is proving to be a real bonus. Nick and Rob assess the latest pre-cut box sections.


These have been tagged to match up with the lettering that has been chalked on the insides of the sole bar.

Nick demonstrates how the box section fits underneath the corroded top hat. An acrow prop holds the section tightly in place while it is carefully welded in place against the sole and central frame bars. The result is a very strong support.

All the recent work on the bogies has also paid off. Initially it was scrum-down to remove both from under the BCK. John then adjusted the central springs to ensure the bolster levels were the same on both sides of each bogie.


When later put back under the coach and the body lowered back down, the coach riding level was well within the accepted tolerances. A couple of runs up and down the yard to ensure the body has settled should complete the job.

Report by Dave Clark




St Blazey 1925 said...

The DMU is coming along now, and very nicely.
BTW, the original interior of the doors was wood grained formica on the lower door sections, and that did match up with the cream painted upper sections around the windows.
Regards, Paul.

Paul & Marion Sucksmith said...

I managed to get a visit to the line ten days ago and I rode in many different carriages. I have to say the state of these is amazing, all the passengers I spoke to all commented how well presented the carriages were. Great to see first hand all the good work you all do, also good to get the compliments from other passengers. Agreat job done by all.
Paul & Marion.