Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Saturday - clean up

 Everything was going on Saturday, including work on more than just the vehicles in the works. I guess I shouldn't be surprised at the amount of cleaning and sanding that has to be done. However it does seem to form the major part of all our work.

The fruit C is getting close to completion with Richard stone doing some final paint work on the roof edges. Phil has started on the internal electrical set up.

The second bogey for 21092 was the focus for the Dirty Gang today.
Frame up and wheel set out
Axle boxes of check and clean the journals, the oiling pads and bearings.
New inner oil seals in place.
and put it all back together again.

 Work on the BSK has for today moved to the guttering on the Cotswold side. this is being prepared to put it back in place having been removed for the body side panelling work.

4986 was the focus for Steve who is making new frames for the ceiling and then the new ceiling

The frames for the south end vestibule ready to fit next week.

having run out of seats to work on a party was sent out to gather a set of seats needed by the upholstery team. Gathered together they were loaded onto the hoist trolley.

in the upholstery shop Dave was soon working on one of the compartment seat backs

while Jenny and John were working on open carriage seats also retrieved from the various storage areas around the yard. Its never easy to work out which carriage they are for as the upholstery team are usually working seats for a completely different carriage to the rest of us!

Not exactly upholstery but the corridor connection rubber is now off but does need some 'leather stitching to a small rip. Over to the upholstery team then.

well they do get to work things other than moquette fairly often. these being the disassembled and remade components of the drivers arm rest from one of the diesels.

Richard Drewitt was with us again today and with some assistance got the new water tanks into the north end of the boiler van. This enabled him to then mark out the floor mounting positions and set out the southern end as well.

Richard was still keeping his hand in with some sanding and then painting on the north end of 4986

while Dave was doing much the same on the south end of the DMU.

Ainsley having done some more of our regular PAT testing picked up the painting of the south end of th \DMU later in the day.

 strip cleaning was also much in evidence with Andy working on corridor trim hoops

and Paul sanding wood trim for 4986. Some of the carriages seem to have miles of this wood trim!

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St Blazey 1925 said...

Looks like there is still plenty to occupy the C&W team(s).
All good work. There is a possibility that one day, (when you have covered accommodation for the stock), that all jobs will be minor running ones! You wish!
Variety is the spice of life, or so they say - without any further reference to who THEY are! Nevertheless, it's good to see the stock, goods and passenger getting the TLC they deserve. Well done to you all.
Regards, Paul.