Monday, 20 August 2018

Saturday - Wood Sections

I was late arriving at C&W today by the departure of my family back to Leicestershire and the arrival of the plumber to fix a leaking boiler. This actually all worked out quite well as when that was all done Ian arrived back rom Winchcombe with the blue truck to collect another load of the wood from my front drive.

Duly delivered to Winchcombe where to store it all?  The China Clay Wagon had already been positioned ready. so it was straight out of the truck into the wagon. we added to this the piles of wood already on site. We have pretty well filled the wagon now!

Wood on a smaller scale but still lots of it. This is the trim strips for 4986's toilets cleaned by Paul in the week. it was varnished by Alex this morning.


 While that is all prepared Steve has moved on to fixing the ceiling mounts in the entrance vestibule


while above him Bob Mac has painted the entire centre section of the roof with the first top coat. There are varying approaches to this job Bob prefers the seated position you tend to have to twist and turn but its easier on the knees that the kneeling method. Whatever method is used 63 feet is still a long way.

Richard was completing the painting fn some more sections of wood for the Fruit C Wagon.

Outside the barn more efforts were underway to recover this rubber corridor connection section.


In the quiet upholstery room Dave Dron and John Hill were making more progress on seats while Jenny and Penny are both away.

John's Hawkins and Hamer were putting the finishing touches to the bogey overhaul on 21092. The carriage had been for several shack down runs up and down the yard to check everything was in place. with the ride heights all checked and in specification they were signed off fit to run.

Just the rest of the carriage to finish now then!

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St Blazey 1925 said...

4986 is looking SO much different now. Great work!
Regards, Paul.