Monday, 13 August 2018

Saturday - More compensating

A good attendance today with a very wide range of activities undertaken. Peter and Ian spent much of the day away from the Works retrieving a mass of timber that had been offered to us - you don't turn down things like that, especially when the offer is on a "take it today or lose it" basis!

Starting with the DMU again, we made more progress with the lining out, with the Cotswold side completed by Alex as far as currently possible.

Unfortunately removal of the lining-out tape on the Malvern side removed more of the old underlying paint, so more sanding to remove the crusty edges of the torn paint. However with that done Jim made a start on re-doing the line in top coat cream.

Back to my own little project. Tuesday had been spent cleaning up the front buffer beam and all attachments, and adding the first coat of red to the former. Today the beam received a second coat of red, and a start made on the various hose attachments.

More excellent progress with the Fruit C van. Richard checks one of the new planks that will be slid into the door once primed and painted. The new canvas was also laid out on the roof to flatten prior being fixed on next Tuesday.

Alex turned his hand to some more signwriting with more of the van's top coating completed. With his sheet of paper already marked up with the appropriate text, he coats the back in French chalk


The paper is then carefully positioned in the right location so that he can trace over each letter and number with a pencil.


This leaves a chalk outline for all the characters which he then paints.

The finished article looking very good..

A final photo of the van showing Richard applying top coat to the repaired doors and Alex part way through applying the van number. Alex has bought a selection of special paints and brushes specifically for signwriting.

Into the Workshop to photograph Steve fitting skirting board in the south vestibule of TSO 4986. This going to be a very nice coach when completed.


Ken working on the weather cover for one of the corridor connections for 4986.

In the Barn James is back from holiday and sorting out the panel under the first of the two new window frames on the Cotswold side of BSK 34929.

Following on from Thursday's report on the lifting of the bolster on the north bogie on BCK 21092, it was noted that the old packing within the bogie was uneven. After much resetting and testing of the coach riding level with the jacks lowered, it was determined that the uneven bias within the packing was probably deliberate to compensate for unevenness in the coach level. By the end of the day John was happy that improvements seemed likely to be achieved.


One of the items needed for several of our coaches that are either being, or lined up to be, restored, is a replacement corridor connection rubber. While we have some old connections that can be stripped, actually getting the rubber out is another story. With everything seized up or almost rusted through, Andy and Ken discuss the next option.

We are looking at the possibilities of getting some new ones made. let us know if your railway may be interested or has recently got some made!
They appear to be expensive!
Avoiding the costs when we can we never look a gift horse in the mouth. Sometimes its a double take! Today Ian and Peter spent the day collecting some excellent timber kindly donated by St. James's Place in Cirencester. 2 truck loads collected

and another 3 on Peter's driveway still to be recovered to Winchcombe!
Finally a request from Building Services, or Construction and Maintenance as they are now called. John Osborne prepares some base plates that will be welded to the base of a number tall metal posts destined for Cheltenham Racecourse Station.

Report by Dave Clark

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i have never been to your railway but i congratulate on one of the best blogs in the railwaysphere! Always interesting and indicative of when good people get together good things happen, Lang may yer lum reek!