Friday, 31 August 2018

Tuesday -Tidying up

Lots of tidying up and finishing off today, including a job that we should have done a couple of years ago.

Beginning with the Fruit C van, Richard Stone and Stu began by reinstating the metal bar above one of the Malvern side doorways. The locking bar of course slots in behind this.

Later on some more replacement planking was being fitted to the one of the Malvern side doors. Stu carefully guides the plank as Richard gently taps it down - it's a tight fit but the plank neatly slots in behind the hinges. This method has been done wherever needed and has been a real timesaver in that we didn't have to take apart and then reassemble the whole doors.

You know the end of the refurbishment is near when the buffer beams, sole bar and steps are being painted.

A number of tidying up jobs were done by Alex on the DMU, and included touching up the various bits of paintwork on door edges and frames.

A job which Alex loves doing is sprucing up any lettering, this time in the cab, and what a neat job he has made of it.


With the first coat keyed, Cheryl adds the second top coat to the south end corner section and door on the Cotswold side of the DMU. This just leaves the panel on the right onto which is still to be fitted the final capping strip.

Ainsley top coated almost all of the south end of the DMU.

Adrian and Maurice completed the ceiling undercoating. There are some bits of ceiling requiring new panels but this shouldn't prevent us now proceeding with top coating.

John Hughes replaced many of the missing rubber threshold inserts.

Moving on to progress with TSO 4986, Richard Hoy is priming the new ceiling panels made by Steve Barnfield for the south vestibule.

Alan Richards, our newest recruit, is painting red oxide on the metal beading strips for one of the corridor connections.

In the Workshop the Malvern side receives more attention with the filling and sanding from Maurice and in the distance Adrian.

At the south end Dennis is ensuring all the sanded-down filler really is flat. It's surprising how easy it is to find odd ridges left in what appears to be well-sanded areas.

Finally, doing what we should have done when the "buggy" was initially refurbished. While Alan wipes the body sides with thinners, Alex begins the varnishing. A good coating soons brought back the gleam. 

Report by Dave Clark

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Saturday - clean up

 Everything was going on Saturday, including work on more than just the vehicles in the works. I guess I shouldn't be surprised at the amount of cleaning and sanding that has to be done. However it does seem to form the major part of all our work.

The fruit C is getting close to completion with Richard stone doing some final paint work on the roof edges. Phil has started on the internal electrical set up.

The second bogey for 21092 was the focus for the Dirty Gang today.
Frame up and wheel set out
Axle boxes of check and clean the journals, the oiling pads and bearings.
New inner oil seals in place.
and put it all back together again.

 Work on the BSK has for today moved to the guttering on the Cotswold side. this is being prepared to put it back in place having been removed for the body side panelling work.

4986 was the focus for Steve who is making new frames for the ceiling and then the new ceiling

The frames for the south end vestibule ready to fit next week.

having run out of seats to work on a party was sent out to gather a set of seats needed by the upholstery team. Gathered together they were loaded onto the hoist trolley.

in the upholstery shop Dave was soon working on one of the compartment seat backs

while Jenny and John were working on open carriage seats also retrieved from the various storage areas around the yard. Its never easy to work out which carriage they are for as the upholstery team are usually working seats for a completely different carriage to the rest of us!

Not exactly upholstery but the corridor connection rubber is now off but does need some 'leather stitching to a small rip. Over to the upholstery team then.

well they do get to work things other than moquette fairly often. these being the disassembled and remade components of the drivers arm rest from one of the diesels.

Richard Drewitt was with us again today and with some assistance got the new water tanks into the north end of the boiler van. This enabled him to then mark out the floor mounting positions and set out the southern end as well.

Richard was still keeping his hand in with some sanding and then painting on the north end of 4986

while Dave was doing much the same on the south end of the DMU.

Ainsley having done some more of our regular PAT testing picked up the painting of the south end of th \DMU later in the day.

 strip cleaning was also much in evidence with Andy working on corridor trim hoops

and Paul sanding wood trim for 4986. Some of the carriages seem to have miles of this wood trim!

Friday, 24 August 2018

Thursday - All the trimming

With Jane serving in the Coffee Pot today I got to do an extra day in C&W. Well the chauffeur has to do something to fill the time up!

The interior gang were in full flow today. The main task at present is repair and re-instate the window surrounds many of which were rotten or broken. Roger on one side of the partition window

while Pat was working on the other side.

Alan and Pat were doing window frames

Phil polishing some of the metal work in the drivers cab of the DMU

 Cheryl was continuing her way round all the interior door edges.

Bob is busy varnishing all the many, many, many strips of wood that combine to make the toilet wall trimming in 4986. He also got some undercoating done in  the toilet compartments.


Alex found some more lettering to do! This time another section of the Fruit C van. I think its a second coat.
Rob and Bryan were both preparing more sections of steel work for the under floor repairs on 21092. We are basically strengthening ALL the floor support spars under the carriage. 

Kern has almost completed the final section of the Malvern side body rebuild. Just the window corners left to go along with one narrow strip.


John Hamer and Ken have replaced the 4 axlebox seals on the first bogey for the carriage. These are the inner seals which slot in from underneath Over time they break and the lower section just falls out! This seems to be a bit of a design flaw but I guess there was some reason for it. We check them as standard these days and replace as required.

I always tell new volunteers to the department its a part of our duties!

Wave to the trains. Wave to the trains. Actually watching the trains is of course completely secondary.

Today this seems to have been very much taken to heart. Fortunately there were lots of people ready to wave back.

Wednesday - finishing off

Another day with less people in than usual but still lots of progress. The main entertainment of the day was the arrival the previous day of the cover for the China Clay Wagon

 Somehow the package didn't look big enough but like any new product once unwrapped its will never go back in the original wrapping!

Ok that's the end bit then

Last week-end we had very helpfully stored a load of wood planking in the wagon. This meant we could actually reach the centre bar to put the cover over it.

Inside the tent

a semblance of order at last. The cover is only loosely over the wagon but at least oit will keep the wood inside dry. The proper hooks to be put on rather than the 4 bits of rope holding it a present.
Ken has almost recovered this rubber corridor end section from an old connection. We have found that you can but them or get them made new ….for something in excess of  £300 each in total
Colin was busy fitting the final door liner to the DMU today.

whi;e Malcolm painted the sole bar all round.

One job we don't have to do very often is clean out the pit. Today John did decide it was time to do it again.

The door team were busy as usual. Craig and Derek checking out another door lock after an overhaul.
Geoff , sorry no pics, was working on the door liner for door 5 on 4986. The door first had to come off as we discovered one of the hinge bolts was broken! Being an ex-mainline carriage the cetre doors (2 and 5) were both shut out of use. we never know what we will find when we put them back into service.

Derek was working on the second box

while Tony painted the first.

With Bryan preparing steel sections for the floor support repairs to 21092

Nick was getting underneath to do the welds. This is somewhat easier with the carriage body raised on the jacks to a comfortable height for Nick to work at.

Its not the cleanest place to work but Nick seems to enjoy it!

Ken Austin was sticking to the Malvern side body rebuild on the BSK 34929.