Sunday, 15 July 2018

Wednesday - Emergancy repairs

Welcome to Pat Cleary who joined us this week. He is making a complete week of it starting with the Cleaning team on Monday then in the work shops Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday before joining the Maintenance team on Friday and returning to the workshops on Friday. Well when you come as far as he does from the depths of Wales, you want to get the value out of the trip! I suspect it sets a not to be beaten record for the fastest completion of a temporary work permit ever.

Pat is certainly getting round the department her on skirting board painting for 4986.

Bryan has finally won his battle to hang his first door. You learn a lot about carriages when you get to do a door! This one of the doors on the DMU. Fortunaetly we have only got one other door off! (good Job says Bryan)

On the interior Russ was continuing with the sugar soap clean up of the walls

On 4986 Geoff was starting on the first of 6 new door liners required.

Well it fits the slot now we just need to get the door to shut, ok that's a job for next week.

Derek who is doing the door overhauls on all the doors for 4986 completed the second of the 6 doors today. We still have to make new panelling for them all but the locks and windows are underway.

Mike and the rest of the door team are all working on doors and panelling for the BSK 34929. These are all wood frame and steel skinned against the door s for 4986 being ali.

The upholstery team are working on side panels for the 25743 rolling seat replacement project.

Dave and Penny both removing old staples before recovering these.

While John was left to repair/overhaul the big sewing machine.

A rather larger component in need of painting. One of the battery boxes for 4986. in reality its very much oversized as these bays the batteries used are much smaller than the originals. However, they do look the part when installed.


Yet another of those little side jobs that keep popping up. One of a set of signal box cupboards being made by the woodwork team.

The emergency job that was lined up for today following a report from the maintenance team was a broken brake rigger beam on one of the operational carriages. It was found as part of one our regular safety exams of the carriages.

Neil Carr assisted by John Hamer extracted the offending carriage from the maroon rake at Toddington and delivered it to the pit at Winchcombe. A replacement beam had already been located and prepared. So it was a fairly quick job to remove the fractured old beam and replace it.

In the afternoon Neil collect the repaired and tested carriage returned it to Toddington and put it back into the rake. Thanks Neil for your invaluable assistance with this job.

The fractured beam had clearly been 'repaired' a long time ago. It was evident the old weld had really only been a surface weld. However, It had obviously lasted a long time.


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