Sunday, 22 July 2018

Wednesday - window in.

Another hot day with a good attendance. Well its actually cooler in the works than outside.

DMU 51405
having completed the body side repairs to the DMU The windows are getting put back. Rex and Ken put this one back. A little bit of tidying up and the section will be ready for painting. 

It said on the progress board top coating could start on this section. so Rod was soon onto that.

Colin was working on the final door entrance wood trim.

With the adjustments to focus we need a couple of the flexible rubber sections for the corridor connections. These 2 connectors have been 'stored' on an open wagon for some time. With assistance from the P'Way team they were recovered to s pot in the yard where we can get at them to work on.


34929 was the actual focus of Ken's efforts today getting more of the end woods in place.

while Pat busy painting the wood battens that will hold the roof canvass in place on the Fruit C van.

Many of the coach that pass through the works end up with new steps so there tends to be a steady flow of them appearing for painting. Sealed and primed in white with undercoat and top coats still to come.

Trevor was working on a door finger board for the door he is currently woking on fpr 24929.

Mike panelling another of the doors..

while Derrick was working on the forth door for 4986.

The reconstruction of the side for the BSK 34929 continue with the window openings becoming more apparent.

On the other side of the barn John Hamer was preparing for another axle box guide repair.

Also on the jack road but with the carriage half in and half out of the barn Nick was repairing the next section of top hat along the corridor of  BCK 21092.

Almost at the end of another set of seats Dave removes the old moquette from the last of the seat backs. The number of staples he removes is truly mind blowing with the marg tub filling up steadily.

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