Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Tuesday - Going Green

Another hot day and a more normal attendance for a Tuesday with 8 in.


Richard and Stu test fitting one the two new lintels above the north end doorway on the Fruit C van. When the trail fitting had been successfully completed, both were primed.


Stu reinforces the south pair of doors as these are the ones that are used. The north set always remain sealed out of use.

Derek was again working on the old Evesham Station trolley, trying to free up one of the wheels.


Dennis completed the final clean up on the Cotswold side of the roof on TSO 4986. With the centre already undercoated, both sides now can also be done.

As expected there was again a lot of concentration on DMU 51405. On the Cotswold side north end Cheryl applies more of the initial top coat.

While Alex topped up some blemishes revealed by the undercoating with filler, before very carefully hand sanding them down.

On the Malvern side Richard lightly sands more of the undercoated parts before resuming the initial top coating.

With no Dark Grey undercoat left, it was back to the more usual Light Grey to cover the new panelled section. As expected Maurice soon revealed the bits that needed just that bit more sanding. My paint order arrived about mid-day, so with the Dark Grey back in stock, a coating of this will be done to match the rest.

With the prep work finished Alex was back to top coating and by the end of the day the Cotswold side, as far as could be done, was variously painted in either the initial or second coats of green.

Maurice moved to the cab and gave that an initial top coat.

A final shot (sorry, a bit blurry as taken a bit too quickly) of 51405, at last beginning to look a lot better externally. However there is still a long way to go, with some remaining external work to complete, as well as all that still remains to be done inside.

Report by Dave Clark


Anonymous said...

noticed the grab handles are still fitted to the DMU, isn't it easier to paint with them removed?

Alex said...

Yes it is easier, but it's offset by the risk of hearing a "clink" of the captive nut on the other side of the panelling falling out as you unscrew the bolt! Plus no chance of the handles "growing legs" if they stay securely bolted to the carriage!

St Blazey 1925 said...

I think that you are all doing a wonderful job however the grab rails are. Sometimes it is easier to leave handles in place as they can be very difficult to remove after BR had acid washed the set and the weather all year round.
Regards, Paul.