Saturday, 21 July 2018

Tuesday - Back to normal

Back to eleven attending and the more usual number now that holidays are beginning to kick in. However, a change of plan in our refurbsihment schedule and a new course to follow have had successful start.

For the 8 a.m. starters, it's nice to have an early cup of tea, chat about the day's happenings and catch up on the news.

With our change of plan it was just Bob Slater working on TSO 4986, cleaning up more of the Cotswold side roof.

A lot of the galvanised metal covering has gone from this coach roof, so it's red oxide rather than etch primer as the base coat.

Now on to the Fruit C van with Dennis filling and sanding more of the cracks in the wood on the Cotswold side. Doing this certainly will save us a lot of time trying to replace all the planking and means we can keep this vehicle out instead of having to return it for further work next year. 

Richard Stone sands another of the prepared wood roof sections prior to fitting it.

A general view inside the van showing a good number of these curved sections now bolted in place.

Pat was back on the trestles and working on a number of paint jobs, among them priming the wood battens for the van roof canvas. These had later dried off enough to get a coat of undercoat brown painted on.

 Alex completes the van scene with undercoat brown. By the end of the day this had also dried off enough for top coat.

And now the change of plan itself with the DMU back in the running with the painting. A good clean round the body sides and then on with the line tapes.

Then into the undercoat Dark Grey on both sides.

At the end of the day, both sides were finished as far as possible, leaving just the new metalwork areas to be done when those have been completed. In fact we practically ran out of the dark grey paint, leaving just a scrap left in the tin, which by the way was very kindly donated by our S&T Dept. Needless to say I have another emailed paint order winging its way to Williamsons.

Finally Maurice vacuums the front of the unit ready for the lining out tape and eventual undercoating.

With a nice warm day and good company, why not watch the trains and appreciate all your hard work as it goes by.

Report by Dave Clark

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