Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Tuesday - Another record?

With 18 names signed in yesterday, I think we have another record with the biggest turnout for a Tuesday.

Starting off with Pat Cleary, our newest member and his first day in the Works, though not his first day as a volunteer. That happened the day before when he joined the Cleaning Team. The stuff on the paint trestles is growing with more of the corridor end J section strips to prime and paint.

Maurice was also there, initially priming the new skirting boards for the toilet compartments in TSO 4986, before moving onto the parts for second battery box for TSO 4986.

There's no stopping him when it comes to lettering and numbering our vehicles, and at the same time saving us a fortune in transfers. In addition to the Fruit C van, Alex has also been doing the Siphon G van for the Cotswold Steam Preservation (2807) group. He now has brushes and paints specifically for these jobs.

Inside the Fruit C van Richard Stone was mounting more of the curved wood roof sections. Here he is levelling off the joins.

And now for something completely different, with Derek dismantling part of an old GWR trolley in preparation for rebuilding - a job for both our metal and wood workers. Other metal parts have already been cleaned up and stored. The trolley came from Evesham Station and belongs to one of the members of the Railway. When completed it will be displayed on one of the stations.

Plenty of noise in the Workshop today with Bob Slater and Ainsley again on the high scaffold cleaning off more of the Malvern side of the roof of TSO 4986, while in the foreground Richard Hoy is cleaning up more of the nearby window frame. Also on this side later on was Keith, working on the lower panels at the north end.


Stu, Adrian and John Hughes were doing more of the secondary filling and sanding on the Cotswold side. I think we are almost at the stage of giving these two areas a second coat of grey where required.

Tony cleaned up more of the door from 4986.


 Dave Hancox had extracted more veneer panelling from BCK 21092 and was giving this a good sand down. A quick whiz round with the vacuum cleaner soon keeps the dust levels down. The little air pad sanders are very good to use, not having the vibration of the electric sanders and less noisy. However we do need to have both types.

Praying that nothing heavy would go trundling through the yard and create a dust storm, Dennis adds a second coat of Hammerite to the running boards and steps on the 03 shunter. Externally a second coat of varnish would be nice to complete the repaint - we will have to see if we can fit this in, usage and dust storms permitting! If we get the chance we will also repaint the inside of the cab.


John Hamer was cleaning up the extracted wheelset axle prior to priming it. In front is one of the corridor connections from TSO 4986, gradually being rebuilt by Ken Reeves prior to

Having started to give the Paintshop floor a good clean up, as usual I got called away. So I was delighted to see that Pat had carried on with the vacuuming and made a very good job of it. We don't usually leave it this long to do a tidy up. The amount of dust can clearly be seen!

Report by Dave Clark


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We would certainly have a place for the trolley at Broadway.


Alex said...

Suitably lettered of course Vic... :-)