Monday, 2 July 2018

Time to catch up

Having been away for a few days.
Now its time to catch up with hat happened before I went and while I was away.

Tusesday -

Twelve in on a very hot day, but despite this there was a lot of good progress. Thank you to Richard Stone for two of the photos.

Beginning with the Fruit C van, Richard Stone continues with the tidying up and painting on the north end and Malvern side planking. If enough can be done with the van within the limited time available, we can delay the need to get it back into the Works after the Santa season.

On the Malvern side Stu removes some of the rotten wood on the main doors.

Outside in the heat (just look at that sky!) and with ladder secured, Derek fits the chimney cowl on the LMS guards van. A touch of black paint completes the job.

Quite an effort on TSO 4986 today as we were determined to get some of the endless filling, sanding and scraping completed on at least one quarter of the coach.

Yes, I (Dave) was there also as proved by Richard Stone's photo.

On the Malvern side Richard continues the preparation.

What we have been waiting for. At last some greying up on the north end. Cotswold side.

Having spent the morning on 4986, Keith took a well earned break and top coated all the cleaned and undercoated sliders from the coach. A  number of these could not be removed and will be painted in situ. He finished by coating the second rebuilt battery box in wood preservative.

We have a good crowd on the 03 initially, with more green top coating of the upper areas, while below there were various parts being sanded and the dust carefully vacuumed up.

At the back end Cheryl painted the black parts of the large warning panel.


Alex later put on his "very determined hat" and tackled the extra cleaning of the underframe area, wheels and coupling rod. A somewhat filthy job using a scraper, and a lot of thinners and rags. With the cleaning up done as far as possible, the masterplan was put into action with undercoating to give white edged wheels and red coupling rods.

The second photo from Richard Stone showing a well satisfied Alex and me looking on in amazement! A lot of blacking has also been done.

Maurice and Ainsley tackled the black on the front warning panel as well as the lights.
Still a bit to do yet, but repainting of the 03 is coming along very well.

On Wednesday with the temperature staying very high des was back working on some repairs and minor improvements to the Discovery carriage. Some sun screening was applied to stop one of the exhibits being scorched by the sun. and the door while open here are more often open in the rain which doesn't do the 'interior' paint much good.

The door team were in full swing with everyone back from various other distractions.



and Mike all working on doors from the BSK

while Craig is make up a pattern door frame to assist th welders when rebuilding door skins.

That isn't needed of course for 4986 which has ali doors. Derek is here cleaning and preparing to fit the insets for new door panelling to mount onto.

On the DMU door front its more a question of repairs to the door openings that is taking up the time. Colin was working on the 7th one!

Having successfully rehung adoor on the Cotswold side bryan was assisting Ken Austin with cutting and fitting th new section of panelling on the Malvern side.

David was continuing abit of a lone battle with the prep work on the Malvern side of TSO 4986


 while in the barn John Hamer was getting into the issues of this bogie and its stuck wheel sets.

Rex was doing more prep work on the BSK today drilling the many holes required to fit the interior wood trim sections. Its easier to drill the holes before the skin goes on!

Thursday -

Standing room only was very much the description of the Mess Room in the morning with a very large attendance. Lunchtime had most going out to enjoy the sunshine, though it was somewhat hot.

DMU 51405, Roger (and Alan) were in side again sorting out more of the internal window framing. Roger showed me the stack of cleaned up and rebuilt frames ready for reinstating. Other frames could not be removed and have been sanded down in situ.


Bryan was working on one of the replaced doors. Going into new metal when trying to get the hinges in the correct place is not easy.


Gerry was preparing part of a capping strip from 51405.

At the north end Malcolm was sanding down the hood above the driving cab.

In the old Workshop Ainsley and Richard Hoy were attacking the window frames at the south end on the Cotswold side of TSO 4986. Hopefully we should soon be able to get some light grey undercoat on this section.

Cheryl started greying up the north end and Jim carried on; the section was completed.

Dave's last job of the day was marking areas for further work on the now dried undercoat. The use of light grey as a base undercoat makes them very obvious.  

In the Malvern side toilet compartment Bob lightly sands the white undercoat ready for top coating.

Across the corridor Steve is now rebuilding the second toilet compartment.

Later in the day Bob resumes the varnishing of the cleaned-up edges of the seat side panels.

The second new battery box for the coach. Now undercoated inside, a coat of white gloss will complete the job.

A hive of activity in the Barn with Nick and Ken continuing the framing and window modifications for the new seating area in BSK 34929.

Ken cleans up with the angle grinder.

Making a change from working on goods vehicles, Derek cleaning up around one of the bogie axle boxes.

Alex doing what he loves. This time white glossing the 03's shed plates for Horton Road, Gloucester. Various grab rails were also done.

For Ian it was time for his annual reassessment as a shunter. The 03 was "borrowed" with the LMS van attached. Ian waves the correct hand signal to Phil while instructor Steve Oddy looks on.


With the practical test over, a quiet shady spot for the oral exam. And the result? Success! Well done Ian.


The practical test naturally provided the chance of an outside photo of the largely repainted 03.


In the lobby Dennis unloads seating from SO 4798 to be reupholstered. While the coach looks good externally after its rapid repaint, it's a very different story inside with the old seating looking very shabby..

Inside 4798 Tony and Pat install re-covered seat arms and wall side panels.

A general view of that end of the coach.


What's this? New recruits? No, it's playgroup day and the teddy bears are out on the station seats and in the new Tim Mitchell building.


St Blazey 1925 said...

DES is looking good in its new coat of green and will be much appreciated at the forthcoming diesel gala, I have no doubt.
Likewise 4986 and the BSK are taking shape.
The FRUIT C is also a credit to the department.
Well done to all of you.
Regards, Paul.

Graham H. said...

For the record DES (372) is out of service at Toddington at the moment and is painted blue. The green 03 shunter (D2182) is the one based at Winchcombe.
Hope this helps.
Graham H