Sunday, 22 July 2018

Thursday - A rare sight

Currently a lot of work on axle boxes, with Ken Reeves and Ian in the process of removing this one from the wheelset.

A sight rarely seen with the heavily greased twin sets of roller bearings gleaming in the light

Also in the Barn was Ken Austin working on more of the internal framework at the south end of BSK 34929.

With BCK 21092 back in the yard, Dave Hancox was sanding down more of the corridor panelling.

Doing an additional day to normal Friday Maintenance Gang working, in the Workshop Peter Holt is filing clean part of the flush valve for a toilet cistern.


Moving across to TSO 4986 to find Steve continuing the rebuilding of the Cotswold side toilet compartment.


A look inside the rebuilt and painted Malvern side compartment.

Attaching a table top needs all sorts of access as ably demonstrated by Pat and Tony Baker.

Later on Tony Barnard was cleaning up the inside of one of the slider frames.

Bob Keyte (now with growing beard) primes another of the seat side panels from 4986.

Two on the right have been undercoated, while the left has the final top coat in place. These will look very smart against the red chainlink moquette when all the seating is back in place.

Pat was back at the trestles, initially completing the battens for the Fruit C van roof, before moving onto the new step boards, and then repainting the ends of the shortened corridor connection vertical supports.

There was quite a painting effort on DMU 51405 today. Jeff just has enough Dark Grey paint left to undercoat the front end (thanks are due to S&T for sparing us the tin - more has been ordered).

Considerable amounts of top coat green were going on around the vehicle, mainly at the south end.

In advance of the painting, David did a very useful job taking care of some general tidying up and finishing little bits of prep work where needed.

At the Cotswold side south end Gerry was putting back the gutter,

assisted by Alan from inside.

The next job was cleaning up the missing window to get that back in place.

Sorting out more of the rubber window seal. With all this completed, the door was also rehung. 

Alan, later joined by Pat and Tony, working on more of the internal window frames.

It's good to see 4270 back with us after a long spell under repair. Wish we could get FK 13329 in for a quick repaint - it's definitely letting down the main rake, but not having any spare coaches and with so much else to do there's little chance at the moment.

Report by Dave Clark


Gordon Smith said...

Could FK 13329 be T Cut or does it need more than that?

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

It needs MORE than than.

Like the vicar says the church roof is fine as long as the woodworm keep holding hands. In out case its the rust mite that need to hang on.