Sunday, 15 July 2018

Thursday - A new floor begins

With the opening to Broadway bringing large increases to passenger numbers we are having to run every operational carriage we have. When the BCK 21092 came to the railway early this year the idea was to give it a quick overhaul and repaint. Thus the carriage would provide an additional carriage and some back up. Work started with great enthusiasm until we found problems with the corridor floor. All work stopped and we went onto other carriages. However, having devised a suitable method for repairs without the need to almost totally dismantle the carriage, which looked likely at one stage, this week re returned to work on it.

The first job was to remove the wooden sections of the floor which led to some interesting sights. The headless welder! ( I should have taken a picture from the inside - a head laying on the floor no body in sight)


Then it was measure up and cut the new sections of steel work and check the fit

a view from the indie of the carriage.

By the end of the day the first 2 new cross spars were in place.

Alex has been practicing his sign writing again this time on the Siphon 'G'


I was going to say keeping his feet on the ground, but actually half way up a ladder, it was soon back to the basics, sanding and prep work on the Fruit C wagon.

No spit but plenty of polish What a difference it makes! The exterior of 35743 getting a spruce up. It did look pale and sad between 2 recently painted carriages.

Paul and Dennis were again working on the interior of the third rake doing a thorough clean and minor repairs while the rake is in our sidings at Winchcombe.

The first bay of seats have been replaced as part of a rolling seat replacement program to 25743.

Bob was at the paint tables working his way through a selection of the smaller parts lined up for painting.

In the barn the reassemble of the overhauled bogie was proceeding wit the south end wheel set being reinstated.

Escaping the barn after its repaint the O3 shunter with its white wall tyres was resplendent in the yard.

There was a lot of cleaning up of sections of corridor connects going on. We currently have 3 off the end of carriages, something we normally try to avoid. Its a question of where to put them if you get to many off at once. However, we have started on a bit of a push to get some back onto carriages.

The internal structural work for the redesigned BSK is progressing but not with out its problems. Not having the benefit of jigs we have to double and triple check things and sometimes make some annoyingly small adjustments to get it absolutely right.

When the larger bolts come off a carriage are going to be re-used we usually give the threads a check over and run the dye down the bolt. Rex in the process for another set of bolts.

Malcolm was on the long slog working his way along the roof of 4986 checking and treating the roof to some protective paint. before we tart the full painting job.

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