Monday, 23 July 2018

Saturdsy - A Round Toit

Sun endless sun. that is until you get invited to 2 BBQ's on the same night. Both got rained on despite being some 25 miles apart. Today was inevitably back to sunshine. so cooler in the workshop than out.

Steve having finished the base panelling in the second toilet of 4986

handed over to Phil for the installation of the water tank and some pipework. Thisd is always fitted into a very small space some more easy to get at than others. This one is tricky.

Steve set about making a new door to fit the cupboard the tank its in.

In the barn Ken was fitting new woods to the south end on the BSK 24929

after which he did the same to the north end of 4986 in the workshop.


then it was on to prepare the corridor connection for one of then, while I'm not sure which carriage its for Ken has it all in hand.

James was panelling the side of the BSK.

The window openings becoming very obvious now.

Dave prepare the seats

John and Jenny cover them and penny deals with the head rests. a well practiced team.


Yes we have finally got around to it. Stocks were low but finally we have found one, opportunity that is to drill the holes that were not cast into the seat ends. Michael spent much of his day drill the holes.

He  was joined by Andy. The holes for the seat bases were easy with the frame being very stable. The  backs were a bit trickier with the need to secure the frame in a vice before drilling.

Another job for another department was to repair the extended handle fly swat for the Coffee pot café! The things we do. (I had no choice my wife, who volunteers in the café, was asking!)

Dave had a day off from painting the DMU doing some further prep work on the repaired sections of the bodyside.

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Paul & Marion Sucksmith said...

Another serious amount of work that is getting done there to keep the stock looking really good. Well done to you all in this weather!
Paul & Marion.