Monday, 16 July 2018

Saturday - More than Meetings

After 2 meetings in the morning, Health and Safety then Volunteer Liaison. I eventually got round to seeing what was happening during the afternoon.

Pat was back at the painting tables today dealing with the battery box covers.

The first of the 2 door liner replacements was being made by Chris.

I think this is actually a left over pc from Thursday but its still worth noting that the window has been put back in on the Malvern side so there is only one to go back in now. Jerry and Ken were busy positioning it and putting the rubber window seal round.

Steve has moved on to fit the panelling for the second toilet in 4986. So gluing ans sticking was clearly required by the clamps holding everything together while it all sets. I suspect the clamps as as much about warning the rest of us to keep away as anything else!

John Hamer was checking out the north end wheel set of the bogie under overhaul in the barn. First end play on the bearings was checked

Then the guide spacing

and finally new seals to keep the oil in! He has to make 4 new one for this bogie.

Bob Mac was in the hot spot. that is up on the roof of 4986 painting. It gets about 10 degrees hotter up there than at floor level even with the fans going full blast. Who needs a sauna! Well a shower afterwards definitely

or maybe a seat in the shade to watch the trains go past. The first rule of C&W is to Cheer and Wave at the trains. Good PR and all that. Mind you we do scowl when we see children stood or dogs stood on the tables!

James was busy sorting the panelling out on Cotswold side of the BSK. Having assisted with lift the section of steel up into place Phil was on the Hold it there up bit left bit duty Before James could get the tack welds down to secure it in place.

while Alex was working with Richard on the Fruit 'C' wagon. Richard was on the inside doing roof spars.

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