Monday, 30 July 2018

Saturday End of the sun - end of the rainbow

With the Gala in progress we do try and keep some of the work moving on. We don't have time to stop completely.

With the liners done the next job is a check over of the springs.

and as usual on an old bogie the spring spacers are in very poor condition some we can clean up and others replace. These were all under the bottom of the spring there were more on top of it.

James is making goos progress with the new side plating for the BSK. We can do a check fitting of the frame again on Wednesday. Will it fir the hole; yes of course it will. (who said I hope)

George was keeping the prep work on 4986 moving forward

while Phil refitted the battery box and installed all the wiring.

In the south end vestibule Steve was installing the new wood panelling after I had done some sanding on the adjacent pillars.

The guards seat progressed by being fitted with the actual seat pad today and the shaping of the seat is perhaps a bit more evident here. The teams main focus today was back on head rest panels.

The DMU route box and end roof section was being prepped today.
 while the work was continuing there were plenty of visitors having a look round which isn't surprising

after all the end of the rainbow is clearly the C&W works. Enough said!

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St Blazey 1925 said...

My word! You must have some pull with the Man above to get the rainbow to end so exactly at the C&W works!
Regards, Paul.