Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Friday and Saturday a Trip Elsewhere

My trip away was to visit the Swanage where I was giving a talk on Friday evening to the Purbeck Railway Society a support group of the Swanage Railway. My talk was of course about the GWsR. Notes were compared!

We have Broadway they have Corfe Castle.
While there I did of course take the opportunity to ride the line a couple of time

including their mainline link to Wareham.

The 3 car shuttle service at Wareham station.

The view from the window revealed other points of interest. 'Sir Keith Park' along with a line of 4 West |Country tenders. When the various locos are back from heir overhauls they will have a surplus of these locos.

and real telegragh poles!
The switch between trains at Corfe Castle.


While I was away sunning myself work did still go on at Winchcombe where it was also very hot

However, Dave reports that with all the doors and shutters open the inside of the works wasn't too uncomfortable.

Not so much upstairs though, where both the Mess Room and Upholstery Shop were bearing the brunt of the heat. Dave frees up the hoist trolley after lifting another load of seating from SO 4798 for re-covering.

Penny and Jenny packing the horsehair prior to stretching the red chain link moquette over this seat back.

Another hot place was inside the 3rd Rake where a lot of work is going on in SO 4798 (note the ladder). I was too late to catch Paul Wood as he had already returned to the Mess Room as it was almost 1100 and our morning break.

Eddie talks to Richard Thatcher, our new recruit to the Woodwork Team.

Not forgetting Ria, who was also finding the heat a bit much, and naturally in much need of a b.i.s.c.u.i.t. or two!

Now this was a good place to be out of the baking sun. Paul Ellis under the BR Guards Van adding Underframe Black.


Back to the Paintshop to find Richard Stone applying more brown gloss to the north end of the Fruit C van.

Later on Richard began fitting the new curved wood sections to the roof girders.


The piles of curved wood sections and roof planking awaiting fitting.

The Cotswold side of TSO 4986 with George working on all those chalk-circled places after the initial greying up indicated what still needed more filler and sanding.

Richard Johnson was adding filler to the south end.

At the north end, new Richard was building the base for the vestibule floor.


In the Woodwork Shop Steve was preparing more of the backing structure for the walls of the second toilet compartment.


Yet more woodworking, this time with Chris preparing a new side for one of the doorframes in DMU 51405.

Who's this bright blue?! It is in fact James, measuring up the next section of Z bar in the frame build on the Cotswold side BSK 34929.

Andy cleans up after the section has been welded in.


Much later in the day with a large sheet now in place, James cleans up the weld line.


John Osborn trying out our new TIG welder on some stainless steel.


St Blazey 1925 said...

Hope you enjoyed your trip to the Swanage Railway.
After the the GWR, SR engines and stock are my other favourite and I have the Swanage on my favourites list.
Back at the works, Much is being achieved. Looking at the work being done on the Fruit C, it highlights the need for covered accommodation for passenger and goods vehicles.
Regards, Paul.

Anonymous said...

As an irregular correspondent can i ask that all this marvellous work does not go for naught. I am sure that many have read of the attack on the KESR Pulllman coach. Human and electronic surveillance(yes, the bandits will be aware of it) can prevent a lot of heartache