Monday, 30 July 2018

Saturday End of the sun - end of the rainbow

With the Gala in progress we do try and keep some of the work moving on. We don't have time to stop completely.

With the liners done the next job is a check over of the springs.

and as usual on an old bogie the spring spacers are in very poor condition some we can clean up and others replace. These were all under the bottom of the spring there were more on top of it.

James is making goos progress with the new side plating for the BSK. We can do a check fitting of the frame again on Wednesday. Will it fir the hole; yes of course it will. (who said I hope)

George was keeping the prep work on 4986 moving forward

while Phil refitted the battery box and installed all the wiring.

In the south end vestibule Steve was installing the new wood panelling after I had done some sanding on the adjacent pillars.

The guards seat progressed by being fitted with the actual seat pad today and the shaping of the seat is perhaps a bit more evident here. The teams main focus today was back on head rest panels.

The DMU route box and end roof section was being prepped today.
 while the work was continuing there were plenty of visitors having a look round which isn't surprising

after all the end of the rainbow is clearly the C&W works. Enough said!

Thursday - A quick round up

With both Dave and myself involved with meetings there was only time in the afternoon for some pictures.

As part of the current bogie overhaul we have run into some axle box issues so a couple of other wheelsets have also been brought into the barn for possible component swaps. While we are doing that the wheels sets also get a thorough overhaul.

Jerry was focused on drilling holes today. Its all very well building a new carriage side frame work but that will be 'dressed' out with wood panelling. So the holes are needed to secure the wood battens that will support the panelling and window frame timbers.

With the upcoming Diesel gala Dave was preparing all the signage for access to the C&W works.

 So just in time then! The 2 visiting locos run gently through Winchcobme on a test run together.
The Hymek

and the warship.
DMU car 51405 would have been out and running if we hadn't found the rust issues. The gutter going back on the Cotswold side.

Roger was back on Window surrounds today working on the partition wall window.

 Derek is starting the restoration/ rebuild of the 2 platform trolleys. Although at present they look more like an early and rather heavy pogo stick design.

Wednesday - A special seat

While the upholstery team were at all the usual jobs again today. head rest, seat covers

and the inevitable staple removal

 something a little different has been started.

A guards seat. Well this is the seat but there is rather more to it than that!

Like a back and arm rests. Overall its a very grand thing more akin to a cabin chair but without the 5 polished legs and castors. The seat actually bolts to the floor on a large singe leg.

The seat covering is made from several sections of moquette due to the curvature of the back. All sewn together and padded.

that is then stretched over the also padded seat frame

A pattern matching nightmare; well done. (thanks to Jenny for the 5 seat photos)

Doors on the other hand always look large and clunky. that is until you have to fit one when the tolerances suddenly come down the thou's of an inch. Paul working on the door lock for a door from 4986.

Trevor was onto the finger pull positioning..

Colin has just about finished the last of the thresholds on the DMU. This the Cotswold side drivers door entrance.

Part on the paint tables have accumulated again. Window sliders and door posts


and more panelling in for varnishing.

That won't be needed until we have fixed the floor. Nick and Rex are working their way along the corridor floor supports on 21092.

David still working on the sanding down of the window frames on the Malvern side of 4986


while, in the distance Rod and nearer Des are both tacking some more top coating on the DMU.

Just as an aside from the floor repairs on 21092 Nick welded into position the axle box liners on this bogie. The two yellow painted bolts are adjustable spacer bars used to get the liner positioned before the welding.

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Tuesday - Going Green

Another hot day and a more normal attendance for a Tuesday with 8 in.


Richard and Stu test fitting one the two new lintels above the north end doorway on the Fruit C van. When the trail fitting had been successfully completed, both were primed.


Stu reinforces the south pair of doors as these are the ones that are used. The north set always remain sealed out of use.

Derek was again working on the old Evesham Station trolley, trying to free up one of the wheels.


Dennis completed the final clean up on the Cotswold side of the roof on TSO 4986. With the centre already undercoated, both sides now can also be done.

As expected there was again a lot of concentration on DMU 51405. On the Cotswold side north end Cheryl applies more of the initial top coat.

While Alex topped up some blemishes revealed by the undercoating with filler, before very carefully hand sanding them down.

On the Malvern side Richard lightly sands more of the undercoated parts before resuming the initial top coating.

With no Dark Grey undercoat left, it was back to the more usual Light Grey to cover the new panelled section. As expected Maurice soon revealed the bits that needed just that bit more sanding. My paint order arrived about mid-day, so with the Dark Grey back in stock, a coating of this will be done to match the rest.

With the prep work finished Alex was back to top coating and by the end of the day the Cotswold side, as far as could be done, was variously painted in either the initial or second coats of green.

Maurice moved to the cab and gave that an initial top coat.

A final shot (sorry, a bit blurry as taken a bit too quickly) of 51405, at last beginning to look a lot better externally. However there is still a long way to go, with some remaining external work to complete, as well as all that still remains to be done inside.

Report by Dave Clark

Monday, 23 July 2018

Saturdsy - A Round Toit

Sun endless sun. that is until you get invited to 2 BBQ's on the same night. Both got rained on despite being some 25 miles apart. Today was inevitably back to sunshine. so cooler in the workshop than out.

Steve having finished the base panelling in the second toilet of 4986

handed over to Phil for the installation of the water tank and some pipework. Thisd is always fitted into a very small space some more easy to get at than others. This one is tricky.

Steve set about making a new door to fit the cupboard the tank its in.

In the barn Ken was fitting new woods to the south end on the BSK 24929

after which he did the same to the north end of 4986 in the workshop.


then it was on to prepare the corridor connection for one of then, while I'm not sure which carriage its for Ken has it all in hand.

James was panelling the side of the BSK.

The window openings becoming very obvious now.

Dave prepare the seats

John and Jenny cover them and penny deals with the head rests. a well practiced team.


Yes we have finally got around to it. Stocks were low but finally we have found one, opportunity that is to drill the holes that were not cast into the seat ends. Michael spent much of his day drill the holes.

He  was joined by Andy. The holes for the seat bases were easy with the frame being very stable. The  backs were a bit trickier with the need to secure the frame in a vice before drilling.

Another job for another department was to repair the extended handle fly swat for the Coffee pot café! The things we do. (I had no choice my wife, who volunteers in the café, was asking!)

Dave had a day off from painting the DMU doing some further prep work on the repaired sections of the bodyside.