Friday, 22 June 2018

Wednesday - Chipping away

On another nice sunny day there was an opportunity to do some checks around the external stock.
Des and Rod were checking out evidence of an overflowing gutter on the Discovery Coach. This resulted in some serious gutter clearing.



 On the Friut C van there are no gutters to worry about. At present there is no roof! There is a steadily increasing set of roof arch timber sections in the van ready for trimming and fitting. Just as I took this picture
Dave turned up with the some more.
Later in the day he also delivered the second Battery Box.

Eddie was busy applying a new top to 2 tables for TSO 4986. There were 2 odd ones in a different colour to the rest.
During the steam clean of the O3 shunter at the week-end a large amount of water was found to be leaning from the unit. Today Phil did an investigation to see why. Oh look one of the internal hoses had come off! It was soon fixed with new clam. All back to proper working order.


 Rex and Gerry continued the structural preparations for the new window arrangement in the BSK. They also removed a large section of the gutter. this needed to come off for the new skin sections to be put in place. 
Of course there are still a lot of doors left on the carriage down to 10 from the original 14. So the door team are in full flow with restoring them.
to the extent that Derrick has moved to the workshop to work on the doors for 4986. These doors are aluminium rather than timber frame and steel skin. So a very different process. Mind you the window and the mechanism of each door is still very much the same.

Elsewhere Kern was restoring some of the components recovered from the GUV for use on TSO 4986. Another case of having to find the parts where you can. The supermarkets and DIY store just have the bits!

Jenny was on her own in the upholstery shop today. Amazing how much she got through on her own. This pile of seat side panels was just pre coffee.


She had to take time out to cool the poor stapler down!


 Colin is working his way along the DMU checking and restoring the door entrance facing trims where required on the Malvern side while I and Bryan started on rehanging the doors on the Cotswold side. |martin also turned up with a large bag of the correct dome head bolts to refit the gutter. So another job we can get on with soon. 


St Blazey 1925 said...

All looking very good. Will the BSK still have a 'B' after the refurb., or will it be a totally different creature?
Regards, Paul.

Alex said...

It'll still have a brake compartment, but will be a "BSoD" I suppose when it's finished - Brake Second semi-open Disabled. The passenger compartments and brake compartment will remain unchanged, its the parcels compartments that are being ripped out for the open saloon with normal and disabled seating, so this half of the coach will be like the disabled ends of one of our converted open carriages.

Rod said...

But there is still a "K" at the other end.

Alex said...

Apparently a lower case "o" designates a coach with both compartments and open seating, so no need for a K as well, I had to Google it though!