Friday, 8 June 2018

Wednesday - round up

There was a wide range of activities covering most parts of the works today. The exception was the upholstery department that seems to have taken a group holiday.

The repairs to the 51405 focused very much on the Cotswold side south end again today. These 2 small sections under the window were beyond filling and sanding. So they were cut out and in fill sections prepared hopefully Nick will be in to weld them in on Thursday.

Gerry with some support frm Ken was putting the window back in the large section. Getting the glass in exactly the right place to insert the rubber (which actually holds the glass in place) was proving difficult as was the worn holes in the inner frame. Its now in place but we are modifying the frame mounting to fit it in place rather more securely.

Then it was on with the rust proof primer.

The last bit of rubber (its sticking up at the bottom) will be finally fitted once the frame is secured properly.

Des was working away in the drivers cab again today.

In the workshop there is a more concerted effort gathering pace on the filling and sanding prep ready for the undercoat grey.

window frames are the main target at present.

Richard was having a bit of relaxing filling on the south end before going to Toddington for yet another meeting.

In the barn Rex was preparing steel frame work sections ready for Nick to arrive on Thursday. Rex does a fantastic job setting everything up so that Nick can get straight on with welding. Max use of time and skills. Great team work.

The next vertical in place and the horizontal sections were ready as well.

All this to make ready for the window frame Tony is preparing. It almost appears organised. Almost!

Derek spent a good deal of time making and fitting 2 patches to the end of the GUV this end in now thanks to Derek rather more water tight than it was!

Trevor who is training to be part of the door team was getting to grips with the unwanted twists and bends in what should be a straight window guide. It's getting there.

Paul back from walk large section of a Spain pathway was back to trimming another door for the BSK.

while Mike was checking on and proceeding with the next step in the process for the door he is working on. The group tend to take a door each and do the full job end to end. There is pride in saying that my door at the end of it!

The bottom hinge of the guards door was refitted today. this door only has 2 hinges against the normal 3 of other doors. The weigh is frankly a little much for 2 hinges and the doors tend to sag and then rub on the floor so the hinge mounts need to be firmly fixed.

The some parts of the first battery box for 4986 got a coat of undercoat today when I had a few minutes spare.

That was well after I had given a tour of the works to this group from the Austin 7 club. They had a drive out to Toddington then a ride on the train with a couple of works tours. C&W and the loco shed. We just made back  in time to catch the King on return trip to Toddington.

Like so many who tour the works its the scale of everything that surprises. Well after an Austin 7 everything is big!

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