Friday, 15 June 2018

Wednesday - Checks and Deliverables

Into the volunteer holiday season we maybe but there was still a good turn out today.

The season is also time for one of out bi-annual safety checks. Today it was lifting gear. All the jacks, hoists safety strops and harnesses go another check and clean bill of health.

We  perhaps needed a check on our muscles after ANOTHER wood delivery today. This lot will mainly form the new roof for the fruit C wagon. As can be seen in the background it needs one.

Righty tighty lefty loosey! The bolts on the end of steam and vacuum hoses don't always want to undo. Another trip to the gum saved by John today. Actually very few of the nuts and bolts on the carriages undo very easily especially as some them haven't been undone in 60+ years.

DMU car 51405
The original plan was to rivet the window frames back in place but that proved impossible so the one that were in are being drilled out and the whole lot are being replaced with nuts and bolts. We just the bolts for the Gutter to go back on this side now.

Colin is busy making replacement doorway facing sections for several of the doorways.

One being fitted. We are replacing the split and rotten ones, just under half of them.

Maintenance. Craig is helping out the maintenance team with some of the running repairs a section of door trim in this case.

TSO 4986. Mike continued with restoration of doors. This one is now into the new panelling phase.

Dave was on the second new battery box of 4986.

while Tony was sealing and priming some end woods that Dave had made previously.

Derek is working his way round the doors for 4986 checking the window mechanisms and safety stops.

 The upholstery team was down to 2 today with Dave and Jenny continuing restoration of the seats for 4986. I must check and see just how many they have left to do! I am hoping iyts close to completion of the set.

No pictures today of Rex progressing the structural steelwork for the BSK 34929.  Just wait for Thursdays blog!

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