Thursday, 21 June 2018

Tuesday - A great start

It was quite a day with an almost record attendance of 14 for a Tuesday (16 is the maximum so far) and an excellent start on the repaint of the 03 shunter.

Beginning the report with the Fruit C van, Richard Stone is now tidying up what is the platform side and repainting in top coat brown. Although much of the van needs rebuilding, with the limited time available we must concentrate on the roof. What we hope to do is get the van back in next year when with more time available a more thorough job can be made.

With more painting achieved, Richard moved inside to begin re-securing the Malvern side inner boarding.

John Hamer tackled more of the many on-going jobs in the 3rd Rake, here dismantling a worn out vacuum hose prior to rebuilding it with a fresh pipe.

In the Workshop Keith and I were "back in the salt mines", sorting out more of the appalling paintwork on TSO 4986. It's going to take some time to clear up all the window frames.

Tony cleans up more of the sliders that can be extracted - unfortunately some have had to be done in situ as we cannot free them up.

On to the big job of the day and a proper start on the 03. Richard kicks off with removing the existing transfers.

With the exception of the three engine compartment doors done a few weeks ago, everywhere else was a mass sanding down.

Cheryl leaves her finishing touch before departing at 1200.

Not all the doors could be taken off, but these two were ok and the undercoating in dark grey could begin.

And now those warning stripes, with Stu and Alex at either end taping up ready to undercoat the yellow. For anyone remembering the shed code, yes 85B was the ex-GWR shed at Gloucester Horton Road which closed to steam on 1st January 1966.

The undercoat cream steadily covering all those blemishes.

The results of a good days work and a great start made. Wonder why the grill wasn't painted?

Alex couldn't resist getting the first coat of red on the buffer beams.

As stated in the preamble, we had a very good turnout. With the limited space in the Mess Room and my limited phone camera, it takes two photos to get almost everyone in.

Report by Dave Clark

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