Friday, 15 June 2018

Tuesday - Almost there

Just a small group in but a lot achieved.

Firstly, more progress with TSO 4986. With new rubber seals on the lower windows, it's certainly worth removing the crusty peeling paint on the top light window rubbers. Both Adrian and I were involved with this as well as the surrounding area. Alex and Cheryl were doing more filling and sanding further along the Cotswold side.

On the Malvern side Keith was similarly busy.

We are almost there with the GUV. On the cleaned up Malvern side of the roof Bob adds etch primer.

 Other jobs needing to be done were painting the brake blocks from the BR Guards Van in Underframe Black;

and painting Silver Grey top coat on the roof hoops of the Fruit C van.

The reward for all the hard work was the sight of "P&O" on the first train of the day.

Report by Dave Clark

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