Friday, 22 June 2018

Thursday - Round To It

With a large group from C&W on a training course today activity within the works was less than usual but there was still a number of jobs we have finally got round to.

The painters are very much focused on the O3 at present with top coat green starting to appear.

along with the bumble bee disguise

This repaint has been in waiting for an opportunity for some time.

After the training course was over it was back to the door fitting for Bryan. We now know what adjustments need to be done. its just getting them done.

It does fit the hole but we want better than that.

Another door another carriage. Bob sanded this internal door from 4986 it will be ready for him to start varnishing next time.
The sliders for the carriage are also starting to be painted primer Wednesday; undercoat Thursday.

Confused by this picture?
 I was at first. Of course its Rex on the inside of the BSK starting to prepare the second window opening on the Cotswold side. He was also setting up the vertical structural steel work as well. (the yellow is a hoist and a lifting frame on the other side of the barn).

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