Monday, 4 June 2018

Thursday - Working everywhere

With the 3rd Rake back at Winchcombe, where cleaning and maintenance will be much easier, we were once again scattered all over the site.

Beginning with the DMU, Ken Austen was working on the Malvern side where more corroded metal had previously been cut out.


Another area of concern was at the north end of the Cotswold side. In the end a good clean up and coating of oxide of the body side by Bryan was all that was required. New plating for the gap between the floor and bodyside will be welded in.


With the new panel window space given a final clean up, Rob, Ken and Gerry carefully reinstate the window glass.

Meanwhile Alan and Roger have been doing a good job steadily cleaning up and reinstating the internal window frames. Some will need part rebuilding with new wood, especially where water damage has occurred.


In the Workshop Tony cleans up more of the table supports for TSO 4986


With Pat taking a breather ("supervising"), Tony reattaches the wall support. There are actually three layers to fit - the inner base plate, the rubber separator, and finally the outer hooked plate.

Ken Reeves carefully inserts the outer rubber seal around this window on 4986.

On to the GUV and, although top coated, there are a few holes to fill with fibre filler. Though this one being done by Jeff was to cover up a ragged edge to the corroded base of this door.

Richard Hoy completed the final area of top coating on the Cotswold side, and then moved onto the newly reinstated gutter strips.


In the Paintshop Dave Hancox undercoats some new base plate sections for the corridor connection at the south end of TSO 4986. In the foreground awaiting priming are the new canvas batten strips that will be used for the Fruit C van when the new roof has been installed.

Then into the sunshine to clean the paintwork on the Cotswold side of the 03 shunter. Being the "weather side", the end result wasn't quite a good as the Malvern side, but a distinct temporary solution to say the least. On the latter side, I cleaned up another of the doors prior to adding dark grey undercoat.

Finally, it was very nice to see Richard Unitt and his wife Jane back on the Railway, where they were able to see all the changes over the past year and enjoy the full round trip to Broadway.

Richard was our previous Head Painter, and at one time Head of C&W
(both photos by Paul Wood)

Report by Dave Clark



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