Saturday, 16 June 2018

Thursday - A barn storming day

With the sun just breaking through it was as far as I am concerned a very pleasant day. I think many others felt the same way with the emphasis very much on working out side be it in the barn or down the yard,

In the barn Jerry and Rex were focussed on preparing the structural steel work ready for James on Saturday. This was the work started yesterday by Rex. The body side was trimmed and sections of
The body side was trimmed  
and sections of framework produced. Rex working on the left here, the Cotswold side; Gerry very much mirroring the work on the right, the Malvern side

After a discussion with Phil it was concluded the lighting in this area would be by strip light and golf ball bulbs in the entrance vestibule. No sooner agreed than Phil had located the set of fitting we will need and brought them into the workshop for cleaning preparing and checking.

Also in the barn was the GUV where the finishing touches were being made ready for it to be shunted at the week-end. The side trim, its not actually guttering, was being fitted and painted

while the roof was being completed

A hole in the north end doors was also repaired (it was very similar to the hole on the south end door).

As there are no intentions to operate this GUV it will be used largely for storage it has also become a donor vehicle for a few important bits. Bring in the tool trolley, its actually more about using it to take the big bits away after removal. The DA value has already been removed and stowed in the truck.

Next off was the brake beam. It was soon cleaned and painted. It will be test fitted to 4986 which just happens to be short of one! The brake cylinders were next off or one was. The other is ready to come off on Saturday. The cylinders will be stripped and tested ready from service.

Alex started the day with some filling and sanding, I am sure there is some quip about how much filling one can expect from a dentist in a day but my dentist might just read this no comment!

Alex was soon to be found out in the yard with his preferred job of sign writing.

Dave was progress the painting and assembly of the battery box for 4986

while Ken did some more work on the corridor connection at the south end of the carriage

Doing some of the maintenance job can prove difficult. Its not the job itself but getting at it in many cases that proves difficult. Loose tables are a perfect example Tony and Pat (that's his foot over the top of the seat!) were dealing with this one.

Once the table was out the job was a lot easier. Elsewhere Paul was dealing with a missing door finger pull. Finding a new one to fit can prove a long walk. The original was completely missing and the round walk back to the workshop for a replacement works out at something approaching half a mile.

Yesterday's delivery of wood was separated and stood up to dry off as it felt very damp when delivered.

Work on the DMU saw Roger stripping old and chipped paint from the window trims around nipping off to do a meet and greet on the train, his other hat on the railway.

Bryan completed the removal of the second large section of body side skin that was to rusted to patch repair. One big bit of steel to go back on here.


St Blazey 1925 said...

'Never has so much been achieved by so few', as Winston might have said. A lot done today.
'We will fix it in the corridors, and the vestibules and don't forget the sander', He might have continued.
Regards, Paul.

St Blazey 1925 said...

P.S. The GUV is looking wonderful and far too good to be used just for storage.
Regards, Paul.

Anonymous said...

Yes, too good to be used for storage - how about a 'pop up' disco/bar on service trains.