Monday, 25 June 2018

Saturday - You learn something everyday

One of the joys of volunteering is the opportunity to learn something every day about things your interested in.

Like what all the handles and brackets are for on locos and carriages. Its obvious really they are clearly for hanging your paint bucket from. Ainsley doing some of the final painting on the end of the O3.

Nearly done.
On a hot day it wasn't really the time to go and search the stores for more seats, but we did. the seats retrieved by Kevin Penny with a little help from me.


It gave dave a load more staple to remove.

Penny and Jenny then set about cutting out and making up more seat headrest pads for 4986. If the counting is right this should be the last lot.

The final sanding and prep work on large parts of TSO 4986 are underway. George hard at it again.


a view from the mezzanine floor Dave sanding the side and Ken starting the re-installation of the north end corridor connection woods. With the centre section on the 2 wing woods can be positioned and drilled. Then off again for sealing and  painting.

With all the sanding going on Paul has a near endless job of cleaning up. I'm just hoping Dave didn't say 'you missed a bit'!

Of the internal work Steve has now trimmed the first of the toilet compartments. So some painting and varnishing is now  the next step.

Steve has moved on to the other toilet compartment. (this does give us a quick reminder of where the other one started from!)

Phil has the toilet flush tanks all prepared and ready for fitting

In the BSK James was following on from Rex's preparations by welding in the next sections of structural framework and cutting out more of the second window opening on the Cotswold side.

Steve then came and did some checks with us to ensure we put everything in place ready for him to fit out the interior when the time comes. Oh yes we must sort out some luggage racks and their mounts.

James was then back to some more welding of the window surround.

It was that week-end again. The little fella was back.

along with his friends. A nicely busy day but not overcrowded day.

While watching the goings on a walk down the yard found Richard and Paul back on the jigsaw puzzle the various bits of brake rigging make under the brake van. The catch with this puzzle is the weight of the bits and the fact that at various points you do have to pull them around to get them into position. They were very please, and rightly so, to say that at the end of the day there were no bits left over and the brakes actually worked. They didn't move at all when they started, let alone actually work. Great job. We will now need to get the wagon run up and down the yard a few times to 'settle' everything back in place before a final adjustment and moving on to look at the springing.

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St Blazey 1925 said...

DES is looking good. I bet a lot of photos will taken of the little shunter when outside in the yard again!
Likewise, 4986 is looking much better, as is the BSK 34929.
You have worked your magic again!
Regards, Paul.