Sunday, 10 June 2018

Saturday - What next?

With the GUV about to reach completion, hopefully by next weekend, we have to consider what next?

DMU 51405 is taking up space in the paintshop while the repairs are carried out: this is not the best use of the space. What to move and what could possibly be made ready for painting in the short term and thus brought into the paintshop while moving everthing out one space.

There are, currently in out minds, 2 possibilities.

The O3 shunter which can be done in the barn on the jack road with a bogie alongside for overhaul. No need to move anything else


a return to work on the BCK. Since this was abandoned as a fast paint due to rusted floor support in the corridor we have been assessing the possible ways to repair them without it becoming a major overhaul. Dave Hancox spent some time today preparing a section of the floor and removing the rest of the lino from the corridor. We can now clearly see what will need welding. The main issue may be getting the welding equipment to where the welding needs doing!

There are potential issue whichever way we go on these 2 option unless we come up with a eureka moment and a third option! So at the moment we are rather sitting on our hands and watching the short term progress on all the projects. One may just reach the right point to justify occupation of the paintshop but which one?

Work on 4986 has been making significant strides lately Ian completed all the external window rubber replacement. Some major progress has been made with sanding and prep work

John Osborn has repaired a of rusted door pillar on the Cotswold side on the bottom of a door post.

All action and lots of people getting involved! Down to the fine hand sanding now.

Ken is making some progress with the North end connection woods and the mounting of them. However, there is still work to do on both ends and the vestibules and door liners. Chris was starting the fitting of the centre door Malvern side liners today.


Somewhat unaffected by the workspace availability issues Richard was making good progress with rebuilding the roof of the fruit C van. here fitting and trimming nere roof arch beams.

Paul on the other hand was preparing a set of Brake blocks

Out in the yard the P'Way team were working away at the far end of the yard on our back head shunt siding. Well except in this shot were they are all heading very rapidly for their mess coach. Must be lunch time!

also in the yard a final check by John Hamer on the warflat axle boxes before a shunting exercise to a. move it back to the P'Way sidings
b. give Ian some more driving practice and some buckeye training. All part of his training to become our second diesel shunter driver along side Phil.

Chris having worked on 4986's door also had a look at one of the doors on the DMU. It sticks at the bottom when closing and opening. There are lot more doors to check as well best sorted before painters get going.


Pete and Phil put the toilet cistern test bed to use. A header tank at the appropriate height as it would be in a carriage and the connecters all ready to plumb in a restored cistern. Plug it turn on the water and test for leaks. So much better than putting on the carriage and finding the leak!


James was almost completed the structural steel work round this 'new' window on the Cotswold side of the BSK.


Valerie slipper said...

Just to say and i know i have said it before but you chaps and the ladies do a fantastic job for the gwsr

PaulK said...

Thank you for keeping us up to date with the excellent work you have been doing but I am wondering if it would also be possible for the “Current Work Schedule” and “Rolling Stock” pages to be brought up to date.



123 said...

Have you been watching Peter Snow on C4 doing carriage restoration. Next week is a 1960's pullman dining car. The two done so far are amazing. Might the GWSR apply to do one if there is another series?

Alex said...

I understand it was Channel 4 that approached the railways rather than the other way round, (and I know at least one turned down the offer) they picked the right carriages for their "time train" story. Given that we've only got Mk1s and we've no full time paid staff (the ones on the TV did I believe) I'm not sure we'd be suitable!

Still an enjoyable programme though, even with Peter Snow...