Monday, 4 June 2018

Saturday - Entertainment

It was a lovely day to be on the railway today. Gone the vast crowds, as pleasing as hey are to see,  and back to the more tranquil ambience of a normal work day in C&W. 

In the barn repairs and painting to the south end of the GUV were in progress by Jim and Dave Hancox

while Mike removed the last remnants of some wood planking in the BSK ready for James to continue the restructuring of the former baggage area,

After some trial fitting the first of the revised window positions has been established and the frame clamped in position to assist with the positioning of the rest of the structural steel work in this area. Once that's done the frame will be removed and a new panel will be welded into position.

John Squires was working on the milling machine restoring some brakets to be put back on the carriage. Rust removed and the proper flat surface restored..

Steve finished the first fit of panelling in one of the toilets on 4986. This is the back view of one of the walls with the water tank also positioned, The 'little room' is now ready for some paint before the trim strips are applied.

Where possible people were taking advantage of the weather to work outside today. A quick shunt switched the GUV and the BSK in the barn and the war flat was put back over the pit after it was pumped out from the rains of Thursday and Friday. A lot of time was spent trying to work out exactly how the braking system on the wagon was balance between the two ends. The arrangement has at its centre two pivot points both and both are floating. a puzzle that kept John, Ian, Phil and Ken entertained/occupied for much of the day.

Also sorting out brake rigging Richard  and Paul completed the rather more straight forward brake rigging of the second brake van they have been working on. They have a detailed plan of how it came apart and have carefully labelled all the parts.

They also have pictures to refer back too! Despite all that there was one bit that still caused problems. It looked symmetrical to all eyes but it wouldn't fit. Double check the pics . Its definitely in the right place. So, lets just try it the other way round. Of course it fitted that way round. Its just that they had to dismantle a large section that they had just assembled so that they could turn it round.

Once turned it all fitted and worked like a dream. So now we know its worth starting on the total rebuild of the cabin which you can clearly see is needed in the picture above.

Paul and Dennis worked their way along the third rake deep cleaning and checking for any maintenance issue now the rake is back within range at Winchcombe.

One of the reason for everyone looking to work out side was the combination of locos working. Everyone gathering for the last return from Cheltenham for the day by the King, With it facing north this was the pass to see.

However, while we were waiting there was other entertainment. This Red Legged Partridge having started with a sand bath in the P'Way siding area proceeded to have a drink in a nearby puddle before walking slowly over the tracks, past us and disappeared under the carriages in the C&W siding.

All of that was completed in plenty of time before the King came majestically past.

 A really good end to the day.

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St Blazey 1925 said...

As the Bard might have said, "Much ado about plenty"!
O.k. While I'm on.
Q: Why did the Partridge cross the road?
A: To see his flat mate!
(No birds were harmed in the writing of this joke).
Regards, Paul.