Monday, 18 June 2018

Saturday - Changeover again

A quieter day for a Saturday with lots away on holiday and doing other things. Another shunt took place with more changes in the Works. Later in the afternoon we had a very enjoyable visit from Andy Smith (from the P'Way gang) and fellow staff from IBM.

Richard Stone was making more good progress on the Fruit C van.

With several rotted internal window frames on DMU 51405, Eddie has been making new corner sections.

More filling, sanding and window frame scraping on TSO 4986 by Alex and myself.

In the Barn Ken was cleaning up one of the corridor connections for 4986.

More cleaning up on the Malvern side of the roof on 4986 by Bob. Unfortunately under the rain channel at the south end a pile of rust revealed a hole in the roof!

Completed just in time, the hastily repaired and repainted GUV 86828 was shunted out of the Barn, now looking very much better after the covering of graffiti when we bought it. Just prior to moving it out the vacuum cylinder was removed. This vehicle is just for storage so a number of other useful underframe items are available for when we need them.

The chance of a sweep up is never missed whenever shunting takes place. John was soon joined by others to leave a relatively tidied up Barn floor.

BSK 34929 was then pulled out to replace the GUV in the Barn. This will make a great "Before" comparison when we have completed 34929's refurbishment - watch this space!
With 34929 back in the Barn, James resumes his rebuild of the Cotswold wall of the new seating area.

John Squires was preparing new sections of Z bar for James. James asked that Rex also be thanked for his work during the week in preparing sections ready for him to weld in place.

This side is also now looking quite impressive with the relocated window frame clipped in place.

More shunting to bring another bogie into the Barn.

The final job was to get the 03 into the Barn ready for its repaint (a start was made outside a week or so ago). However before that the steam cleaner was in use with Ian cleaning up the back and then the running boards and underframe.

 James keeping Kevin and himself dry, while the rest of us endured the resulting spray!

Over the past few months Kevin and the rest of the Spares Team have been doing a great job sorting out all our spare items and having a general tidy up of the many bits and pieces that get scattered around over the course of time. Well done chaps!

Report by Dave Clark

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