Monday, 25 June 2018

Saturday - You learn something everyday

One of the joys of volunteering is the opportunity to learn something every day about things your interested in.

Like what all the handles and brackets are for on locos and carriages. Its obvious really they are clearly for hanging your paint bucket from. Ainsley doing some of the final painting on the end of the O3.

Nearly done.
On a hot day it wasn't really the time to go and search the stores for more seats, but we did. the seats retrieved by Kevin Penny with a little help from me.


It gave dave a load more staple to remove.

Penny and Jenny then set about cutting out and making up more seat headrest pads for 4986. If the counting is right this should be the last lot.

The final sanding and prep work on large parts of TSO 4986 are underway. George hard at it again.


a view from the mezzanine floor Dave sanding the side and Ken starting the re-installation of the north end corridor connection woods. With the centre section on the 2 wing woods can be positioned and drilled. Then off again for sealing and  painting.

With all the sanding going on Paul has a near endless job of cleaning up. I'm just hoping Dave didn't say 'you missed a bit'!

Of the internal work Steve has now trimmed the first of the toilet compartments. So some painting and varnishing is now  the next step.

Steve has moved on to the other toilet compartment. (this does give us a quick reminder of where the other one started from!)

Phil has the toilet flush tanks all prepared and ready for fitting

In the BSK James was following on from Rex's preparations by welding in the next sections of structural framework and cutting out more of the second window opening on the Cotswold side.

Steve then came and did some checks with us to ensure we put everything in place ready for him to fit out the interior when the time comes. Oh yes we must sort out some luggage racks and their mounts.

James was then back to some more welding of the window surround.

It was that week-end again. The little fella was back.

along with his friends. A nicely busy day but not overcrowded day.

While watching the goings on a walk down the yard found Richard and Paul back on the jigsaw puzzle the various bits of brake rigging make under the brake van. The catch with this puzzle is the weight of the bits and the fact that at various points you do have to pull them around to get them into position. They were very please, and rightly so, to say that at the end of the day there were no bits left over and the brakes actually worked. They didn't move at all when they started, let alone actually work. Great job. We will now need to get the wagon run up and down the yard a few times to 'settle' everything back in place before a final adjustment and moving on to look at the springing.

Friday, 22 June 2018

Thursday - Round To It

With a large group from C&W on a training course today activity within the works was less than usual but there was still a number of jobs we have finally got round to.

The painters are very much focused on the O3 at present with top coat green starting to appear.

along with the bumble bee disguise

This repaint has been in waiting for an opportunity for some time.

After the training course was over it was back to the door fitting for Bryan. We now know what adjustments need to be done. its just getting them done.

It does fit the hole but we want better than that.

Another door another carriage. Bob sanded this internal door from 4986 it will be ready for him to start varnishing next time.
The sliders for the carriage are also starting to be painted primer Wednesday; undercoat Thursday.

Confused by this picture?
 I was at first. Of course its Rex on the inside of the BSK starting to prepare the second window opening on the Cotswold side. He was also setting up the vertical structural steel work as well. (the yellow is a hoist and a lifting frame on the other side of the barn).

Wednesday - Chipping away

On another nice sunny day there was an opportunity to do some checks around the external stock.
Des and Rod were checking out evidence of an overflowing gutter on the Discovery Coach. This resulted in some serious gutter clearing.



 On the Friut C van there are no gutters to worry about. At present there is no roof! There is a steadily increasing set of roof arch timber sections in the van ready for trimming and fitting. Just as I took this picture
Dave turned up with the some more.
Later in the day he also delivered the second Battery Box.

Eddie was busy applying a new top to 2 tables for TSO 4986. There were 2 odd ones in a different colour to the rest.
During the steam clean of the O3 shunter at the week-end a large amount of water was found to be leaning from the unit. Today Phil did an investigation to see why. Oh look one of the internal hoses had come off! It was soon fixed with new clam. All back to proper working order.


 Rex and Gerry continued the structural preparations for the new window arrangement in the BSK. They also removed a large section of the gutter. this needed to come off for the new skin sections to be put in place. 
Of course there are still a lot of doors left on the carriage down to 10 from the original 14. So the door team are in full flow with restoring them.
to the extent that Derrick has moved to the workshop to work on the doors for 4986. These doors are aluminium rather than timber frame and steel skin. So a very different process. Mind you the window and the mechanism of each door is still very much the same.

Elsewhere Kern was restoring some of the components recovered from the GUV for use on TSO 4986. Another case of having to find the parts where you can. The supermarkets and DIY store just have the bits!

Jenny was on her own in the upholstery shop today. Amazing how much she got through on her own. This pile of seat side panels was just pre coffee.


She had to take time out to cool the poor stapler down!


 Colin is working his way along the DMU checking and restoring the door entrance facing trims where required on the Malvern side while I and Bryan started on rehanging the doors on the Cotswold side. |martin also turned up with a large bag of the correct dome head bolts to refit the gutter. So another job we can get on with soon. 

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Tuesday - A great start

It was quite a day with an almost record attendance of 14 for a Tuesday (16 is the maximum so far) and an excellent start on the repaint of the 03 shunter.

Beginning the report with the Fruit C van, Richard Stone is now tidying up what is the platform side and repainting in top coat brown. Although much of the van needs rebuilding, with the limited time available we must concentrate on the roof. What we hope to do is get the van back in next year when with more time available a more thorough job can be made.

With more painting achieved, Richard moved inside to begin re-securing the Malvern side inner boarding.

John Hamer tackled more of the many on-going jobs in the 3rd Rake, here dismantling a worn out vacuum hose prior to rebuilding it with a fresh pipe.

In the Workshop Keith and I were "back in the salt mines", sorting out more of the appalling paintwork on TSO 4986. It's going to take some time to clear up all the window frames.

Tony cleans up more of the sliders that can be extracted - unfortunately some have had to be done in situ as we cannot free them up.

On to the big job of the day and a proper start on the 03. Richard kicks off with removing the existing transfers.

With the exception of the three engine compartment doors done a few weeks ago, everywhere else was a mass sanding down.

Cheryl leaves her finishing touch before departing at 1200.

Not all the doors could be taken off, but these two were ok and the undercoating in dark grey could begin.

And now those warning stripes, with Stu and Alex at either end taping up ready to undercoat the yellow. For anyone remembering the shed code, yes 85B was the ex-GWR shed at Gloucester Horton Road which closed to steam on 1st January 1966.

The undercoat cream steadily covering all those blemishes.

The results of a good days work and a great start made. Wonder why the grill wasn't painted?

Alex couldn't resist getting the first coat of red on the buffer beams.

As stated in the preamble, we had a very good turnout. With the limited space in the Mess Room and my limited phone camera, it takes two photos to get almost everyone in.

Report by Dave Clark