Friday, 25 May 2018

Wednesday - Mobile Garden

Warflat Gardener required:- to maintain the unique collection of plants now being cultivated on the warflat wagon.

Nuts what us!
Now this is a nut from the warflat wagon. I pictured it here next to the sleeper chair to give some sense of size. Its not small this nut.

It comes from the end of this pivot point under the wagon and effectively hold the bogie and the flat bed together.

The whole pivot arrangement is in good condition byut a little dry so a clean up of the sup and a blow through of the oil feed was done we will see it the oil if flowing cleanly in the morning.

To get the warflat on the jack road of course meant there was a get eh maroon

err grey GUV out. Well it depends which way you look at it.

To complete the shunt we had to move 2 of the carriages waiting in line for restoration 21006 the earlest Mk in existence and the BCK.

They were moved in readiness for P'Way to relay our back siding. To that end the PWay train is back at Winchcombe and great use was being made of the sunny position of the mess coach.

It also gave Craig the chance to resolve issues with the guard's door and its window. Some more work is needed but a start has been made.

While we over at the P'Way train the S160 came rumbling past.

Back on the DMU Des was progressing work on the cab

While Rex, Bryan and Ken Austin made more progress with the rebuilding of the side section. The panel is now tack welded back in position.

and they have started on the roof repair.

The door team are working the many doors of the BSK. Door 2 is now back in one piece


and after a test fit the third and missing hinge position has now been established. In the carriages previous use the door was locked out and the missing hinge deemed of no relevance. It is to us as we put the door back into use..

John Varley was filling all the old screw holes in this door skin. In removing the skin from the frame the holes to badly damaged so we are filling the old one and drilling new elsewhere along the side of the door. A spot of weld in the old holes is somewhat better than a dab of filler that will probably fall out with repeated use of the door.

The foot of the gate post was drilled and bolted in place. tough sadly the top which was also damaged fell off. Fortunately the top was largely a separate section anyway so can be re-drilled and reattached  later.

Ken Austin also did some more straightening of the brake riggers for the Brake Van in the yard.

Ken Reeves in the mean time was starting on the replacement of the corridor woods on the south end of TSO 4986

 The operating partnership today was rather unlikely. Still variety is the spice of life!


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