Thursday, 31 May 2018

Wednesday - Wood and Weld

Forget WWW - World Wide Web
what really matters is - Wednesday Wood & Weld

So we start with a cross over its Wednesday the welding has been completed on this door skin and Trevor was busy fitting the skin to the wood frame. Only about 40 screws to drill holes for and put in. The door is for BSK 34939

Mike has reached the next phase with his door put the window guides into position

Preparing for the next phase again Ed and Geoff discuss the making of the wood trim panels for the door.

Dave on the other hand was working on a new battery box for 4986

Late in the day it was delivered to the paintshop for painting

Tony came to do a little light painting first applying sealant to the end woods for the corridor connection of 4986

followed by the roof trim strips for the Fruit C wagon

Along the Malvern side of the DMU car several of the door thresholds were in a bad state so Colin is working his way along replacing them Most are new woods bolted on the original holes. Howeverthe odd one has other underfloor paraphernalia that gets in the way so Phil helped out on this one drilling some new holes.

Des is working his way round the drivers cab

while Bryan is investigating the state of the indie of the steel skin. There are 2 areas of concern at present!

Ken Austin has completed the roof line join of the original issue area.


On 4986 Nick has completed the repair to the roof and a small section of repair to the side.

That done the north end is now ready for rebuilding of the corridor connection.

Ken Reeves was replacing the window rubber along the Cotswold side and apart from the original trial window all the trimming is done

Ainsley and David continued with the sanding and filling which getting close to completion.

After some diversionary work of seats for another carriage the upholstery team are back to the red chain link moquette set covers for 4986. Dave

and Penny on covers

while John does a little freehand carving on some foam for the headrests.

During the afternoon I was pleased to welcome and show round Dewi Jones head of C&W at the Gwili and a group of the C&W team.

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St Blazey 1925 said...

Nice to deputations from other railway companies coming to see how it is done here.
Regards, Paul.