Friday, 4 May 2018

Wednesday - whoops!

It was a day of comings and going with a much waited for delivery and departure.

The delivery was of some oversize roller bans for the vacuum cylinder overhauls which Richard  was soon putting into use.

The departure was of 3 worn out buckeye couplings that have gone away for refurbishment. We obtain refurbished ones and send off the old ones in return.

Structural work on the DMU continues with some steel skin cut out to give access for the repairs.

With the skin out of the way clamps were applied to hold things in line for welding.
Some of the structural steel being worked on.


well not really they really did mean to do it. This section of the side between the doors of the DMU is being cut out. With some of the skin showing clear signs of become a colander we concluded the easiest 'repair' was actually to cut the entire section out and replace it.

The internal surfaces of the doors, whether on the carriage

or off were being sanded ready for painting.

 The all rest of the end panels for the seats from 4986 have been passed to the painters, with the exception of one that has gone to the woodwork team for repairs.

However, John was delighted to bring in a new roll, well half a roll, of moquette that will be used for the side padding.

Which way does the pile lay?

Ahh, everybody gets out of the way and keeps their heads down leaving John to work that one out.

The production line was busy doing arm rests for the carriage today.

and another seat base.

On the carriage itself Mike sorted out the issue of the window on the centre Cotswold side door. It used to drop to far and the carrier would then foul the bottom of the track. There should be bump stops but 2 blocks of wood do the same job there being a rubber stop on the bottom of the carrier already. It just wasn't big enough.

Derrick was cleaning up the window guides for another door.

While Colin was reassembling a door frame.

Job done. The last 2 chairs for Toddington.

and finally, someone realised Paul is back on Thursday better clean the mess room!!!!!

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