Monday, 21 May 2018


For those to young to remember, That Was The Week That Was and a bit more

Saturday - in C&W as usual
Sunday - C&W, Meet with Gary Walker from the IOW railway to hand over,
                well fill his car with, a lot of air brake equipment.
Monday - Toddington for the Ops Meeting
Tuesday - Swimming Club (I am the Chairman, still not sure how that happened!)
Wednesday - C&W as usual
Thursday - Visit the Mid Hants to collect four window frames
Friday - Fish and Chips supper on the train.
Saturday- C&W as usual.
Sunday - Church am Church circuit exec meeting pm.(yep another committee!)
Monday - arr  Oh no, catch up with the blog!

Give us a job somebody - retirement is too much hard work.

Dan and 2 of friends from the Mid Hants came to visit the GWsR recently and while trying to see round Winchcombe they met Ken who showed them round. Ken explained what we are doing with BSK conversion but how we have now run into an issue not having the correct Bardic frames to install.

They went away and back at Alresford managed to find a few under a container. Thus my visit to collect 4 of them.

Two of the 4 window frames ready and waiting at Alresford on the Mid Hants Railway.

Saturday -

Arriving at C&W on Saturday there was no missing some of the work completed on Thursday. Ken had made a boot and base for the yards central gate post. which was in from repairs before re-installation by Building Services. The post had been broken off at the base some long time in the past.

Now the warmer weather has arrived its time to give our benches some TLC. Dennis opted for a little shade while he attended to them.

There is a bit of  push on to complete the China Clay wagon for use at the gala along with the LMS Brake van. So Richard and Paul were busy completing the final side flap door.

Well they were until the Boss arroved to inspect progress. Riha on her Saturday inspection (get a big fuss) tour.

Job Done we just await the canvass. I will have to follow up on the today as well.

Paul then moved on to cleaning out the bearer holes on the other brake van's brake rigging.

Steve completed the structural timber work in the first of the TSO toilets

and moved on to start the panelling.

Having unloaded the four wind frames my car Ken and new started Michael (welcome) got cracking with a big clean up. Remove the broken glass remains remove the old sliders and the mastic used to seat the glass.

One done

Infact by the end of the day all four done and in the stotage rake ready for fitting.

We have in store sliders for this type of frame so we extracted 4 with glass and working latches. They are now in the workshop for fitting to the frames.

Richard requested a small trolley to store part from the wagon when they strip them done. No sooner said than John Squires had the frame work made from some old angle and Ken had produced a set of wheels

We has a visit from a member of the loco department requesting a modification to a head board. Steve  obliged and we provided some paint for a bit of a touch up as well. Latter in the day it was fitted to the see the Loco blog!

Dave Hancox continued the work on the CCT by applying some red oxide to the bare bits on the Cotswold side.

Richard Drewitt came along to do a bit more work on the Boiler van. The current step in the process is to fit the connecting pipework for the water supply tanks. There are 4 to connect up, 2 over each bogie. This is the interconnect pipe between 2 of them.


St Blazey 1925 said...

Yes, retirement is not what I thought it should be either, and I don't officially retire until December this year!
Excellent pictures, and finishes to the china clay wagon and the brake van.
Regards, Paul.

Matthew Harris said...

Thank you so much for letting me paint my headboard for the gala, is it possible for someone to drop off a small pot of the western cream with dinmore manor group before thursday as I am making final adjustments but won't be at Toddington until friday.

Many thanks


GWR Steam department

Anonymous said...

What is a Bardic window frame please? I have looked on the Internet for a explanation without success.

Very interesting blog as usual.



The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

It’s the manafaturer rather than the other type made by Beckler Watt. (don’t quote me on the spelling tho’)

Anonymous said...

I've not heard of Bardic windows either but Beclawat (correct spelling) are well known. Great that you could locate the correct frames for the coach modifications. Brian.

Dan Gutzewski said...

Thanks Peter for the blog update. Good to know the frames are cleaned and stored ready for the next stage.
Will look out for the cl26 in our MHR upcoming Diesel Gala.